A great class.

A great class. You start with fundamentals, and go through the whole truck. The class also teaches you all aspects of the industry. Without this class, I don’t know what I would be doing after high school.

Jacob Golden
Class of2013

The tools to be the best I can be

I have gained a lot of knowledge from taking the Informatics course. My methods of learning and technical skills have become stronger. Informatics has not only refreshed my ability to learn, study, and work with databases, but has also enhanced my writing skills. Informatics has presented me with the tools to be the best I can be, and further my education by providing me with Advanced Information Technology skills.

Deborah O’Leary
Class of2016

This Class helped in so many ways

First of all, Mrs. Files is an amazing instructor. She is kind, patient, and extremely generous. While in her class, I helped with many fundraisers, drives, and volunteer ops. She helped me expand my knowledge about children and their minds greatly. I had a base level of knowledge and experience before I started her class, but a skyscraper was built as I learned. This class furthered my love and compassion for children. The Pre-K teachers were amazing as well. They helped me to better myself and reinforced what I was taught in class. I was never put down, made to feel bad, or made to feel uneducated. Mrs. Files always made me feel loved and welcomed. If I was wrong about something or misinformed, it was a discussion opportunity rather than a lecture. Class was hands on and everyone got along and became friends. Of course there was drama, but Mrs. Files ensured everyone kept it together in class and that it did not interfere when learning or during the time with the kids. I loved this class and all it helped me to do. JRTI is like my other family. All the teachers were wonderful and made learning more exciting.

Catherine Bush
Class of2015

The teacher was a big factor

I am glad that I took this class because it prepares you for the future and gives you a skill that you can use in the real world. If you don’t decide to go full time with this skill, you can always come back and use to earn a little side money. Also, the teacher was a big factor since we both like to hunt and fish in our spare time.

Johnathan Marsceau
Class of2016


I took the Prostart class from 2008-2010 when Chef Brown was teaching. I already had a love for cooking and desired to become a pastry chef. With Chef Brown’s guidance and passion for not only the culinary field, but teaching others, I became confident in my skills. So much so that I applied to be his Sous Chef during my class and ultimately got it. Looking back at how I acted, I don’t believe I should have been given that position, but knowing he saw leadership skills in me has helped when it comes to my current and past positions. I’m grateful for Chef Brown and the experiences I had at JRTI and still can’t walk into an industrial kitchen without having memories from class.

Katelyn Sine
Class of2010

Well on my way to a six figure salary

I started the Electro-Mechanical Technology program with an expectation of gaining a good basic and fundamental understanding of electricity to improve the skills in my arsenal and develop a documented career with realistic expectations of success. I am proud to say I am now employed with Amazon and am well on my way to a six figure salary in Phoenix, Arizona. The skills that I learned enabled me to not only pass the 1st level tech test, nor the 2nd level test, but I passed the 3rd level technicians test and I have been made a handsome offer with excellent benefits. Upon completion of the tests, the supervisor was extremely impressed and immediately sent me thru to the top of the stack. I was then told that only about 21% of applicants, many who are 20 year career technicians, pass the test up to a level 2. I was the first person in 6 months and 150+ applicants to pass the 3rd level. He was so impressed, I am now in training for management level Tech 4 which hits the 6 figures mark. Before Rumsey I had no documented work history or skillset, and employment opportunities were slim to none.  I know without a doubt that it would not have been possible if I had not taken your program. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and wisdom. The impact on my life has been almost immediate. I am forever grateful that James Rumsey maintains the expense of offering your coarse, even in the small numbers such as we had in our class of 2017. My appreciation cannot be stressed enough.

Jacob Ashton
Class of2017

I know that I will succeed

Entering the classroom for the first time, I noticed right away that this program was professional. Throughout my first year, I started to gain the knowledge of what the IT field was all about. I realized very quickly, that I wish to continue with a career in IT. Even though what I have experienced so far was challenging, I know that I will succeed with the support from my peers and my instructor.

Ethan McCullough
Class of2016

Made coming to school enjoyable

Mr. Zeger’s automotive class kept me in school, made coming to school enjoyable, and got me prepared for my line of work.

Seth Miller
Class of2014

I am so happy to have taken this class

I am so happy to have taken this class because my teacher is able to explain things in a way that is exciting and easy to understand. He is a very fun teacher, and always open to learning from us as much as we learn from him. He believes that every student has creativity and with the right guidance and skills learned here you will be able to do whatever you want in life. This class gives many opportunities and prepares you for more than anyone can imagine. Everything I have learned and built on couldn’t be done without Mr. Morgan.

Caroline Knight
Class of2016

Insight into what I want my future career to be

I’m glad I took this class because it has taught me a lot about what goes into being an engineer. Robotics has given me insight into what I want my future career to be, as well as teaching me valuable information I can use in that career.

Jamie Cooper
Class of2015

An important work-based experience

I have been able to obtain a good grasp of the industry learning everything from baking cakes to braising meats.  I have been able to experiment with foods new to me and of different cultures. ProStart gives an important work-based experience of the industry.

Lee-Ann Frye
Class of2016

Child Care

James Rumsey Technical Institute has helped me pursue my career in child care!!

Kayla Diehl
Class of2017

A great experience

I am very glad I took the Web Deisgn (CIW) and Game Development class at James Rumsey, because I learned a lot of new things and found my passion for working with computers and coding. My teacher was great. He didn’t lecture every day. He told us what was expected of us, and we learned by trial and error. Being in the Web and Game Development class was a great experience, and I would recommend that anyone with a love for technology and wanting to learn how to code and see the unknown side of games and web pages, to take this class.

J. Ross
Class of2015

Excellent Job/Education Resources

I took Early Childhood Development with Mrs. Amy Files from 2009-2011. Not only did I learn about infancy through childhood, but I also learned about critical thinking skills outside the classroom. Mrs.Files leads the classroom with poise and excitement. Our class collaborated and worked together to get the best education experience. Now as an adult, I use the methods and teaching of Mrs. Files in my everyday life.

Jessica Edwards
Class of2011

Great start to a life long career

When I first started my class at James Rumsey, I noticed I was with a group of all ages. This in itself was a great experience, and that was just the start of it. Working in the industry before starting at James Rumsey, I kinda had a little jump start. Because of a great group of instructors that had passion for culinary arts, it made me strive to learn as much as I could. I won’t lie, the early mornings were the worst, but when I finished with my completion, it was all worth it. I thank the instructors all the time in my head because if it wasn’t for them pushing us to become better chefs I probably wouldn’t be in the great situation I’m in. I finished with my degrees from Blue Ridge and ended up coming out of college with two degrees all thanks to James Rumsey Technical Institute. I now live in Florida working for one of the top ranked Fortune 500 hotel companies.

Class of2009

Best decision

I am a former student of JRTI and it was the best decision that I could have made at the time. I was one of Mrs. Files’s first students. She has so much passion for her students, and she wants every single one of them succeed. Having been in that program with her for two years has gotten me very far; I still use the knowledge that she taught to me daily. Mrs. Files makes sure that she interacts with each of her students not only on a educational level, but a personal level as well. It has been six years since I graduated from her program and she continues to make an effort to check in and see how things are going in my job field. I would recommend this program to anyone who have passion for children. You will have a great experience with this program.

Kelsey Ashbaugh
Class of2011

A kitchen can bring life lessons

Rumsey was a big stepping stone for me. I know I always loved the culinary arts but was afraid to pursue it. Chef Brown taught us a lot about every aspect of the kitchen, front of house, and back of house. We learned basic and advanced techniques and even got real hands-on experiences with cooking for people at live functions. Although I didn’t pursue the culinary arts after high school, it has helped me tremendously with marketing as I can get new clients for the food industry relatively easy with my culinary knowledge learned from Rumsey! I can also say Chef Brown invested a lot into us, even if we were stubborn and not the best students, you can tell he had a big passion for what he did and wanted to invest that and life lessons into us!

Moises Cardenas
Class of2010

I thoroughly enjoyed this class.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I appreciated not only the hands on parts of the class, but the theory parts of the class too. I believe this class is preparing me very well to go into the workforce as an electrician, and I look forward to taking the second half of this class next year.

Noah Hose
Class of2016

I would recommend this program to anyone.

Being at James Rumsey in the Emergency Services program has been challenging, but a great experience. I have enjoyed this program because it has helped me understand what it means to serve my community. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Kendall Barrett
Class of2016

Welding Technology Program delivers a relevant and rigorous curriculum

Welding has been a huge interest of mine since my seventh grade shop class. Since then, I have always wanted to learn all the different types of welding that the world may provide in my future endeavors. Mr. Albright has been an excellent instructor and welding educator over the past two years. James Rumsey Technical Institute Welding Technology Program delivers a relevant and rigorous curriculum and skill set, related to today’s industrial welding career market.

Stephen Wilt
Class of2015

Life changing!

I could say so many positive, great things about James Rumsey, and even more about the Culinary class. It taught me not only important cooking techniques needed in the kitchen, but also helped me secure a job in the field with resume building, mock interviews, etc. The school itself has a great reputation with the community & has opened many doors for me. Within a few months after graduating, I secured a managers position. The culinary course really changed my life & I’d go back if I could!

Jessica steerman
Class of2015

A tool-box of ideas and techniques to use in my future

I am glad that I have been able to experience and understand that children learn in different ways and need a variety of supportive techniques for them to learn best. I am also pleased that I have learned developmentally appropriate ways to handle less than ideal behaviors that will better guide children to make appropriate choices. Through my experience in this class I have built a tool-box of ideas and techniques to use in my future when I work with children.

ReAnne Catlett
Class of2015

Best choice ever!!

Enrolling in the James Rumsey Practical Nursing Program was the best choice I ever made for my career choice! It allowed me to get all the experience I needed for the field in such a short time. I’m one who struggles with academics, so taking the TEAS test and starting right in my field was perfect for me! With out this opportunity, I know I would not be as far as I am now in my career.Thank you to all the staff and board for the opportunity!😘

Carma Spencer
Class of2013

My future is brighter.

Not only did James Rumsey Technical Institute give me great memories and wonderful friendships, it also gave me the leadership qualities and self confidence that I lacked before attending. James Rumsey has opened up my future in so many ways that I can now sleep a little easier knowing my future is brighter. I will be grateful for my opportunity to learn at such an advanced technical institution for the rest of my life.

Victoria Grace
Class of2015

I feel like an experienced professional already.

Being in the Therapeutic Services program has taught me to be compassionate, empathetic, and unselfish because there are people that have medical conditions so severe that they have no will to live.  I have learned that I want to be that soft voice that says, it’s okay, I’m here or the hand they hold when they are in pain.  The clinical experiences that I have received during this course will help me in Nursing School, at Shepherd University.  I have learned so many techniques that I feel like an experienced professional already.

Kearsten Sanders
Class of2015

It’s much better than sitting in a classroom all day.

I like working with my hands and building things. I also like spending at least 80% of the time in the shop it’s much better than sitting in a classroom all day.

Bruce Haynes
Class of2016

His class opened up many opportunities

Mr.Vanorsdale has prepared me for what to expect in my future career. Being in his class opened up many opportunities. I wouldn’t have had the chance to have hands-on experience on how to process a crime scene, or build a case as an attorney, and I definitely would have never been able to intern at the Ranson Police Department.

Jasmine Murillo
Class of2015

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