Welcome Students!

Whether you are a new or returning student, here is some information you will need to begin the school year at James Rumsey Technical Institute.


You can always find information on this site at the menu at the top under “Resources/Student Resources.” Download ourĀ Student Handbook for detailed information on school policies. You can also read these policies by downloading them separately. Please note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application to open these files.

Student Handbook

JRTI Student Handbook

Grievance Procedures
Policy s4373
Refund Policy
Enrollment Procedures for Adult Programs
JRTI Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
Simulated Workplace Drug Free Policy
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


Parking Permit

parking permitJRTI is a closed campus. This means that high school students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch or any other reason during the school day without permission. Therefore, driving privileges are only granted by the school administrators. You are not allowed to drive your vehicle to JRTI without a proper parking permit.
Parking Permit Application

First Day of School

map of school


When you arrive on your first day at JRTI, you will get off the bus and be seated in our Assembly Room. Students who attend JRTI all day will receive their academic schedules during this time. After a brief welcome, you will join your teacher (or their designated representative) under the sign for their class. They will take everyone to the classroom. You can familiarize yourself with the school’s layout by downloading a map here.


During the first couple of weeks of the school year, your teacher will train you on school, county, and state policies and procedures regarding school safety. You will then take quizzes related to some of this material. These quizzes are online, and links can be found under the “Resources/Student Resources” section of this website. Click on the “Surveys and Quizzes” tab.

Click here to view the Student Resources page.


PDFDon’t forget the forms you will need to turn in. They will require signatures from you and a parent or guardian. Check with your teacher for any additional forms, and make sure you turn them in by the date your teacher requires.
High School Student Data Form
Signature Pages for Policy 4373
Drug Testing Consent Form
Signature Page for Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Technology
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy – signature page included


Engrade guide

Engrade guide

We use Engrade for our grading system. Please take an active role in maintaining your grades throughout the school year by logging into Engrade regularly. It is important to note that because we are a tri-county school, we have to use a slightly different Engrade product than the other schools in the area. The version we use is EngradePro. The URL for logging in is slightly different. You should bookmark this link:

You can download a User Guide to EngradePro by clicking here.


Everyone at JRTI wants you to have the most enjoyable, productive, and rewarding experience of your entire education while you are here. We are here for you. If you need assistance with any issues, please speak to someone on our staff. Here are some important names you should remember:

Donna Van Metre, Director/Principal
Kathy Morgan, Assistant Principal
Wendy Reeves, Guidance Counselor
Antonette Lawson, Support Services for Morgan & Jefferson County
MaryAnne Sullivan-Scott, Support Services for Berkeley County
Rodney Strawderman, Work Based Learning Coordinator

Have a great year!