Would you describe yourself as both creative and nurturing?

Students will use creative and critical thinking skills to complete tasks that are comparable to tasks of a child care professional.

Students get to participate in the growth and development of children in our on-site preschool classroom. Students will spend an hour a week minimum working with the children and helping them with their daily tasks.

Consider a career if you are nurturing, patient, and have the ability to problem-solve. You must be a quick thinker and a multi-tasker. Talking to parents must not intimidate you. Being a child care professional is challenging, exciting, fun and entertaining. It is a new experience every day, some days may be a struggle so you definitely need to have a passion for it.

Major Units of Study

Universal precautions
Physical development
Social-emotional development
Language development
Learning through play
Developmental theory
Appropriate practices

What you will do in this class

Students develop activities for children, problem-solve situations that may come up between caregiver and parent, caregiver and child, or caregiver and coworkers. We also complete projects to raise awareness of developmental concerns related to child development.

Create bulletin boards and work on portfolios that showcase your best work.

Work with the children for a minimum of an hour a week. Dance, paint, and play games outside!

Students have a say in how our learning experiences happen, and brainstorm ideas on how to make education better for others. The group-work students do in class is very important, which follows the concept – “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Tools you will use

Cricut/computer, glue, tape, paint, household materials like vinegar and baking soda for volcanos or cornstarch and water for goop, shaving cream, food coloring, kool-aid, and lesson plan resources like Mailbox Yearbooks and everythingpreschool.com.glue, tape, paint, household materials like vinegar and baking soda for volcanos or cornstarch and water for goop, shaving cream, food coloring, kool-aid, and lesson plan resources like Mailbox Yearbooks and everythingpreschool.com.

Example Job Titles

Child Care Worker
Licensing Specialist
Students in this class may also go on to careers in social work, child advocacy, early intervention, speech and language pathology, special needs, curriculum development, children’s entertainment, etc.

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Elementary Education
Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV
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Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
George Mason, Fairfax, VA

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