Are you a writer, a journalist, a photographer, or a filmmaker?

The goal of communication is to inform and entertain. In the communications industry today, you need to do both. Students in this program get hands-on experience with telling stories across multiple media. Find the stories you want to tell through journalism and creative writing. Make your stories more engaging with design, photography, and video. Then publish them in print, the web, and on mobile devices. Get your work seen through online and social media marketing. Do all this in Multimedia Publishing at JRTI!

Work for someone else, or build your own brand and self-publish. Build an exciting future in the communications industry with your creativity. The opportunities are greater than ever for those who have the skills to capture an audience’s attention.

What you will do in this class

Write advertising copy, news features, and fictional stories. Add multimedia elements to make them even more compelling. Publish these stories in print, the web, and mobile apps. Learn how to market your work on the web and through social media. Run inkjet and laser printers. Mount photos. Design and screen print T-shirts.

Skills you will learn

Media Writing, Page Layout, Digital Printing, Web Publishing, Photography, Video Editing, Binding & Finishing, Screen Printing.

Tools you will use

Computers, Adobe Creative Cloud software, DSLR cameras, laser printers, inkjet printers, laminator, bindery tools, silk screen press.

Major Units of Study

Fundamentals of Media Writing
Introduction to Visual Communication
Digital Photography
Information Graphics
Cross-Media Publishing

I am so happy to have taken this class because my teacher is able to explain things in a way that is exciting and easy to understand. He is a very fun teacher, and always open to learning from us as much as we learn from him. He believes that every student has creativity and with the right guidance and skills learned here you will be able to do whatever you want in life. This class gives many opportunities and prepares you for more than anyone can imagine. Everything I have learned and built on couldn’t be done without Mr. Morgan. Caroline Knight

class of 2016

Example Job Titles

Production Assistant
Video Editor
Online Editor
Audio Visual Technician
Copy and Print Associate
Social Media Marketer

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Word cloud Multimedia Publishing

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High School – Beginning of the School Year

Welcome Students! Whether you are a new or returning student, here is some information you will need to begin the school year at James Rumsey Technical Institute. Policies You can always find information on this site at the menu at the top...
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Graphic Design Capstone Projects

The students in Graphic Design class worked on their Capstone project this year, and the result was cereal boxes. Alex Crouch worked on two cereal boxes, which are Dino Bites and Cinnawebs. MacKenzie Coleman worked on Cosmo Crunch. Sylvia Strakal worked on Munster...
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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

On Friday, March 24th six students from the James Rumsey Technical Institute set up shop at Mill Creek Intermediate to participate in the school’s career day. Here, they talked about the institute, their classes, and where their careers are headed. Mill Creek’s...
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JRTI Awarded Humanitarian Award

On Monday, March 20th representatives from the James Rumsey Technical Institute attended a conference in Arlington, VA to accept the Don Myers Humanitarian Award. This past Monday, Kathy Morgan (Vice Principal), Micheal Pheasant (Maintenance), and students Sam Willett...
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Court is Now in Session

Earlier this past February, the Criminal Justice class here at JRTI had mock court trials to teach the students what it would be like in a real life scenario of a court trial. The case was called "The People vs Price" and was based on a trial where Arson was the crime...
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Early Childhood Learns about the Signs of Child Abuse

On March 8th, 2017, a guest speaker showed up at James Rumsey to teach the Early Childhood Education students about child abuse and signs of child abuse. A few students asked her questions about the signs of child abuse and about Child Protective Services, while also...
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Congratulations to the Vex Robotics Teams!

Congratulations to the James Rumsey Technical Institute Vex robotics teams for making it into state competition. The state tournament begins March 11th., at Fairmont, State University. The two teams from J.R.T.I., Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, will be competing against...
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Civics Projects

On Friday March, 3rd Mrs.Christmans Honors civics classes had presented their projects. Their projects were all different and a few were really amazing but it had to do with certain events in history, after they had finished their projects they had to set them up in...
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Open House for the Second Tiny Home

On Monday, February 27, JRTI held an Open House for the second tiny home project. This is the second house built by students in the high school Carpentry class and wired by students in the high school Electrical Technician class. Mr. Lantz, The Carpentry instructor,...
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Web and Game Development Fundraiser

JRTI's Web and Game Development are selling Country Meat Beef Sticks to fund their class expenses. To order visit or Room A8, across from the main office
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