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It’s a web-based world.

The internet is where we go to inform and entertain ourselves. In the CIW/Coding, App and Game Design class, you will learn how to create websites that include multimedia and interactive games.

In this two year program, first and second year students work together in teams to develop real projects. Second year students act as project leaders, directing the work and supervising their teams. The environment is designed to make the experience realistically reflect project management in the web design and game development industry. Students learn team building and interpersonal skills to prepare them for leadeship roles in their careers. Why just learn how to do the work when you can train to be the boss?

A portfolio is an important tool for getting into a college program or landing a job in this field. Our students develop a web portfolio to showcase the work they do on both gaming and web design projects.

What you will do in this class

Explore various technologies used to develop websites. Design and build interactive sites and web-based games through storyboarding, coding, and graphics development.

Skills you will learn

Coding for HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, and Flash. Graphics, animation, and interactivity design

Tools you will use

Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Interactive Whiteboard, Projector, Windows PC’s with dual-monitors

Major Units of Study

HTML5 and CSS3 Coding Validation
Web Design Concepts
Multimedia and Interactivity
Web Publishing
Research Techniques and Design Cycles

Court is Now in Session

Earlier this past February, the Criminal Justice class here at JRTI had mock court trials to teach the students what it would be like in a real life scenario of a court trial. The case was called "The People vs Price" and was based on a trial where Arson was the crime...
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Early Childhood Learns about the Signs of Child Abuse

On March 8th, 2017, a guest speaker showed up at James Rumsey to teach the Early Childhood Education students about child abuse and signs of child abuse. A few students asked her questions about the signs of child abuse and about Child Protective Services, while also...
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Congratulations to the Vex Robotics Teams!

Congratulations to the James Rumsey Technical Institute Vex robotics teams for making it into state competition. The state tournament begins March 11th., at Fairmont, State University. The two teams from J.R.T.I., Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, will be competing against...
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Civics Projects

On Friday March, 3rd Mrs.Christmans Honors civics classes had presented their projects. Their projects were all different and a few were really amazing but it had to do with certain events in history, after they had finished their projects they had to set them up in...
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Open House for the Second Tiny Home

On Monday, February 27, JRTI held an Open House for the second tiny home project. This is the second house built by students in the high school Carpentry class and wired by students in the high school Electrical Technician class. Mr. Lantz, The Carpentry instructor,...
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Web and Game Development Fundraiser

JRTI's Web and Game Development are selling Country Meat Beef Sticks to fund their class expenses. To order visit https://www.ciw.jamesrumsey.net or Room A8, across from the main office
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How to prepare lobster

Chef Coble taught the ProStart students how to butcher lobster, He went through the steps of how to take the lobster apart. The first thing he did was take a knife and kill the lobster. The next thing his did was remove the claws. After removing the claws he removed...
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Tiny Home Project

In June of 2016, 44 of West Virginia’s 55 counties were hit with devastating floods. 1200 homes were destroyed during this disaster. The WV Department of Education rallied 12 technical schools from around the state to build tiny homes to help those left homeless by...
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Caring for the Future

Caring for a Child can be tough, but caring for multiple children simultaneously must be a piece of cake, thats on fire, and is filled with razor blades. That was my thought before walking into the Early Childhood Development program that we have here at James Rumsey,...
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Learning CPR

The Early Childhood Education had started to learn CPR and First Aid on Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th since it’s a two-part class. On Tuesday it was just a video and questions and telling them what they should or should not do. When I was there I had learned a...
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I am very glad I took the Web Deisgn (CIW) and Game Development class at James Rumsey, because I learned a lot of new things and found my passion for working with computers and coding. My teacher was great. He didn’t lecture every day. He told us what was expected of us, and we learned by trial and error. Being in the Web and Game Development class was a great experience, and I would recommend that anyone with a love for technology and wanting to learn how to code and see the unknown side of games and web pages, to take this class. J. Ross

class of 2015

Example Job Titles

Web Designer
Web Developer
Application Development
Game Design
Game Development
Sales and Marketing
Project Management
Flash Developer
Javascript Programmer
Java Programmer

Related College Programs

Game Software Development
Baker College, Allen Park, MI

Game and Simulation Programming
DeVry University, Manassas, VA

Graphic Design
Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

Audio Developer
WVU, Morgantown, WV

Contact the instructor, Charles McClain

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