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FCCLA Conference

On April 4-5 FCCLA went to the 2017 Spring Leadership Conference and STAR and State Event Competitions, in Ripley, Wv at Cedar Lake Conference Center. 7 current students and 2 alumni went. Students:Audra Crews, Sierra Infinger, Moriah Ferguson, Samantha Long, Sierra Dixon, Savannah Barnhart, Larkin Hite. Alumni:Melissa Jiannotti and Sabrina Carney They went for multiple reasons like compete in events, To run for state office, To present workshops, To judge projects. Sierra Dixon- won 1st in her competition Savanna Long- Was elected as the First Vice President for 2017-2018 Larkin Hite- was elected as the Vice President of National...

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Civics Projects

On Friday March, 3rd Mrs.Christmans Honors civics classes had presented their projects. Their projects were all different and a few were really amazing but it had to do with certain events in history, after they had finished their projects they had to set them up in the assembly area and some of the adult classes came and judged each project they went to depending on their score thats how Mrs. Christman will grade their projects. A lot of the projects were very interesting. They were graded on neatness, presenting in front of people. Some projects were nice. But a...

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Learning CPR

The Early Childhood Education had started to learn CPR and First Aid on Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th since it’s a two-part class. On Tuesday it was just a video and questions and telling them what they should or should not do. When I was there I had learned a couple of things myself. CPR is a very important thing you could save someone’s life with it and with knowing what you are doing. On Wednesday the 8th they had actually worked on the dummies and practiced doing chest compressions. However, with chest compressions there is a technique...

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Cutting Pig’s Feet

The Surgical Tech. class bought pigs feet so they can learn how to cut the skin very precisely how to use a bovia. They decided to cut open pigs feet to learn how to cut around the joints (also where would they get human feet?). They also injected water and saline using needles. When they used the bovia to cut the skin it kind of smelled like something burning similar to setting hair on fire. When they used the bovia, they had to cut one piece of skin at a time and had to be very careful. They also how...

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Pie A Teacher

James Rumsey decided to have a competition to raise money to pie one teacher, but it ended up being all of the teachers. The contest was between all the academic teachers, there are only four. Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Brumback, Mrs.Christman, and Mrs. White. How this contest came about was the school wanted to raise money for SkillsUSA. There were four jars in the front office. If you wanted a teacher to be pie’d, you had to put money in the jar designated for that specific teacher. The teacher with the most money at the end of the contest (which lasted about...

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