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Court is Now in Session

Earlier this past February, the Criminal Justice class here at JRTI had mock court trials to teach the students what it would be like in a real life scenario of a court trial. The case was called “The People vs Price” and was based on a trial where Arson was the crime committed. Students in the class played the Judge, Plaintiffs, Lawyers, the Defendant, and Witnesses; Mr. Vanorsdale was doing his part as the Defendants Lawyer. Many of the students in the class enjoyed the entire mock trial, claiming that it will help them if they decide to go in the field in the near future ahead after they graduate from their respective high...

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JRTI Public Benefit Auction 2017

Join us on May 20, 2017 at 9:30 am, there will be a Public Benefit Auction at James Rumsey Technical Institute, items for bid include plumbing supplies and hardware. Proceeds will benefit JRTI. It will be ran by Mason’s Auction Services ( You can contact Charles and Tammy Mason at or call 304-283-0565 To See what will be available to bid on at the auction go to

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Keep on Truckin’

Do you want to take up a career in truck driving? Do you want to travel countrywide to see what America has to offer everywhere while behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll need a bit of training won’t you? Well James Rumsey Technical Institute is the one for you. In this program, students learn how to, well drive trucks, but not just any trucks, they learn how to drive eighteen wheelers, like Mack trucks and Peterbilt. They learn how difficult it can be to drive one of these...

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Caring for the Future

Caring for a Child can be tough, but caring for multiple children simultaneously must be a piece of cake, thats on fire, and is filled with razor blades. That was my thought before walking into the Early Childhood Development program that we have here at James Rumsey, where the students of this class handle childcare with such calm and gentle manor. Walking into the class that day, I found the class making a project for the children; with sand, water, and paper. Some students were caring for the children while others set up the project. Many Students in this...

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Going Deep into the Roots

This Past October, there was a big event happening outside of James Rumsey. The Science Class of James Rumsey Technical Institute had a Big event this past fall working with Communitree. This project was supported by the Carla Hardy WV Project CommuniTree which promotes Planting of trees and education on public land through volunteer work in the Potomac Headwaters of West Virginia. “This was a truly exceptional community tree planting project! We look forward to working with these volunteers again in the future,” says Cacapon Institute’s Urban Watershed Forester, Tanner Haid. Trees provide many benefits to communities, such as...

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Working on Robots… No, not the ones we’re used to

Upon walking into the Robotics classroom that Thursday afternoon, I saw what could only be described as Technological Grace. You would see Junior class and Senior class students working together to create these remote controlled robot masterpieces, using them in obstacle courses of would trying to get them to go through without a single robot hitting one of the obstacles in its way. The biggest project going on in Chuck McClain’s class was the VEX Project being made by the seniors in the class.  It is called the Claw-bot, the 5th one coming out of VEX. With its very unique...

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Summer Career Academy Applicatio...
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