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2017 NTHS Induction Ceremony

On the 6th of April, James Ramsey held the 2017 National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony. There were 80 new members inducted, including both high school and adult...

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Prepping Food For Teacher of The Year

The Culinary class was preparing food for the event Teacher of The Year. The students were cooking omits, mixing the ingredients for pumpkin bread, chopping green peppers and mushrooms, etc. one student was cooling some tomatoes. another student was putting some cheese and flour in a container. Some students were working on the pancakes, butternut muffins, and biscuits. One second year student was preparing coffee ingredients for later on. The students were having fun and working hard to make the best meal for the teacher of the year. Chef Brown was very happy to see the students work hard...

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Prostart and Culinary Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner For Lunch

Prostart and Culinary making thanksgiving Dinner for everyone. It was a busy day for the students. They were making all sorts of food like Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry sauce, mash potatoes, and stuffing. One second year student was straining the grease from the turkey meat while the other started to take out the meat from the container. While that is going on a different second year student was stirring the green beans for the casserole while some fry onion straws for it. As the students cook chef told two students to put some of the finished food into...

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Upcoming Events

7:00 am HOSA Day
Mar 8 @ 7:00 am
Wear Navy Blue, Maroon, and/or Medical White to support HOSA students as they prepare for their State Completion in Huntington.

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