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Congratulations to the Vex Robotics Teams!

Congratulations to the James Rumsey Technical Institute Vex robotics teams for making it into state competition. The state tournament begins March 11th., at Fairmont, State University. The two teams from J.R.T.I., Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, will be competing against 34 other teams for the right to get to the world...

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Coding the Matrix

On January 25, 2017, Mr. McClain’s class was tasked with continuing their work in Skills U.S.A. and their “All About Me” projects. They had used what they have earned in order to continue creating their, All About Me” projects, which started at the beginning of the school year and is continuously updated throughout the year. The project was designed to help them show what it is that interests them as well as help them to learn and understand the difficult intricacies of coding. The coding involved changes and evolves throughout the year along with the students knowledge of...

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Learning to Use a Fire Extinguisher

On October third, the automotive class was instructed on how to safely use a fire extinguisher by the EMS students.  When they arrived, the automotive class was instructed on how to safely use a fire extinguisher  before they started to practice.  One of the EMS students would light a fire in a bucket and each of the  automotive students would take turns using the extinguisher to put the fire out.   Even the EMS teacher toke part in this and put out the fire once.  They had used two different types of extinguisher, a smaller, easier to control one,...

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Tired of Old Tires

Ms. Williams class was working on changing tires on trucks and doing maintenance on the part where the tires go on to. On September 21st., Ms. Williams’ class was tasked with changing and maintaining tires from several trucks. During the class, a truck was brought in for repair by a customer.  While some students were focusing on the changing of tires, other students were focusing on finishing some bookwork. Later on in the period, Ms. Williams had called her students in order to teach them how to drain the oil from a truck, in order to replace it with fresh...

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