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A Great Two Years

Electrical work has become part of me because of this class. Working with my peers to see something through is by far the best part of taking this course.

Preston Oden
Class of2021

A kitchen can bring life lessons

Rumsey was a big stepping stone for me. I know I always loved the culinary arts but was afraid to pursue it. Chef Brown taught us a lot about every aspect of the kitchen, front of house, and back of house. We learned basic and advanced techniques and even got real hands-on experiences with cooking… Read more “A kitchen can bring life lessons”

Moises Cardenas
Class of2010

A great experience

I am very glad I took the Web Deisgn (CIW) and Game Development class at James Rumsey, because I learned a lot of new things and found my passion for working with computers and coding. My teacher was great. He didn’t lecture every day. He told us what was expected of us, and we learned… Read more “A great experience”

J. Ross
Class of2015

For the first time, I can say I’m gonna miss coming to school.

Hi. I am Christopher Haynes, a student from the Truck Driving school and I just wanted to say Ken and Jim are the best guys I could have asked for as instructors. They helped me and my classmates above and beyond what they had to. If there is anything you can do for them they… Read more “For the first time, I can say I’m gonna miss coming to school.”

Christopher Shepherd Haynes

His class opened up many opportunities

Mr.Vanorsdale has prepared me for what to expect in my future career. Being in his class opened up many opportunities. I wouldn’t have had the chance to have hands-on experience on how to process a crime scene, or build a case as an attorney, and I definitely would have never been able to intern at… Read more “His class opened up many opportunities”

Jasmine Murillo
Class of2015

My time at JRTI in Cisco Networking.

I came to James Rumsey when I was a junior. It has been a fun and fast 2 years here. I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of new friends. It is an awesome experience to learn in an environment with people with similar career interests and goals. I have made life-long friends and… Read more “My time at JRTI in Cisco Networking.”

Peyton Parker
Class of2021

Life changing!

I could say so many positive, great things about James Rumsey, and even more about the Culinary class. It taught me not only important cooking techniques needed in the kitchen, but also helped me secure a job in the field with resume building, mock interviews, etc. The school itself has a great reputation with the… Read more “Life changing!”

Jessica steerman
Class of2015

Coding, App, & Game design

I came into the Coding class not knowing much, but I’m leaving with all sorts of knowledge, from making apps to creating websites. I don’t regret my choices. This was an amazing experience, And I wish I could go through it all again.

Benjamin Ugaz
Class of2021

Therapeutic services

I have had a great experience in this program. I have enjoyed learning medical terminology and wound care. I love that my teacher told us about experiences that she has experienced in healthcare. I have learned a lot about talking calm, direct and make sure you make eye contact with that patient. This program has… Read more “Therapeutic services”

Sierra Knight
Class of2021

It’s much better than sitting in a classroom all day.

I like working with my hands and building things. I also like spending at least 80% of the time in the shop it’s much better than sitting in a classroom all day.

Bruce Haynes
Class of2016

Learn your trade

The High School Electrical Technician class is a great asset for an eager young adult preparing to become an electrician. This class has helped me exponentially with learning and growing in my field. The simulated work that we are provided helps to replicate live jobs that we could face in our career. I look forward… Read more “Learn your trade”

Matthew Wright
Class of2021

Best decision

I am a former student of JRTI and it was the best decision that I could have made at the time. I was one of Mrs. Files’s first students. She has so much passion for her students, and she wants every single one of them succeed. Having been in that program with her for two… Read more “Best decision”

Kelsey Ashbaugh
Class of2011

The best tech school ever

Having Tim as my instructor for the CDL course at James Rumsey made the experience so much better! I was sad to be done but glad I was able to see myself and my peers pass the course. Definitely a great experience!!

Kia Johnson
Class of2022

Welding Technology Program delivers a relevant and rigorous curriculum

Welding has been a huge interest of mine since my seventh grade shop class. Since then, I have always wanted to learn all the different types of welding that the world may provide in my future endeavors. Mr. Albright has been an excellent instructor and welding educator over the past two years. James Rumsey Technical… Read more “Welding Technology Program delivers a relevant and rigorous curriculum”

Stephen Wilt
Class of2015

This Class helped in so many ways

First of all, Mrs. Files is an amazing instructor. She is kind, patient, and extremely generous. While in her class, I helped with many fundraisers, drives, and volunteer ops. She helped me expand my knowledge about children and their minds greatly. I had a base level of knowledge and experience before I started her class,… Read more “This Class helped in so many ways”

Catherine Bush
Class of2015

2 Years Later

My experience at James Rumsey has been great! I have made life long friends and learned so much. My last two years of high school have been wonderful and I wouldn’t change my decision on coming to Rumsey. It gave me a reality of what the work field is like and how it is going… Read more “2 Years Later”

Dilyn Ruesr
Class of2021

The teacher was a big factor

I am glad that I took this class because it prepares you for the future and gives you a skill that you can use in the real world. If you don’t decide to go full time with this skill, you can always come back and use to earn a little side money. Also, the teacher… Read more “The teacher was a big factor”

Johnathan Marsceau
Class of2016

I feel like an experienced professional already.

Being in the Therapeutic Services program has taught me to be compassionate, empathetic, and unselfish because there are people that have medical conditions so severe that they have no will to live.  I have learned that I want to be that soft voice that says, it’s okay, I’m here or the hand they hold when… Read more “I feel like an experienced professional already.”

Kearsten Sanders
Class of2015

Power Up the Future

My time at Rumsey has been a great experience. I learned a lot over my 2 years at the school. My Teacher, Mr. Arntz has been a very great teacher and mentor. He has taught me a lot about the trade and has allowed me an opportunity to have a career. I will truly miss… Read more “Power Up the Future”

Caleb N Kotey
Class of2021

The Weld Shop

The weld shop was a great experience for getting experience in welding. Well, the beginnings of welding anyway. Shows you the stuff you will experience out in the workforce. The instructor will teach everything you need to know about welding.

James leatherman Weese
Class of2021

An important work-based experience

I have been able to obtain a good grasp of the industry learning everything from baking cakes to braising meats.  I have been able to experiment with foods new to me and of different cultures. ProStart gives an important work-based experience of the industry.

Lee-Ann Frye
Class of2016

My time here

Honestly, the 2 years I’ve spent hear at JRTI is the most I’ve enjoyed school in a long time. I’m glad I had the chance to come to this school and the opportunities its given me and the doors in life its opened for me.

Collin Macpherson Clark
Class of2021


Through my junior and senior year, JRTI was always something I looked forward to. I am thankful for my teachers who tried their best to help us through COVID-19 and I am grateful for the experience, exposure, and knowledge I gained.

Tyler Scott Clark
Class of2021

I am so happy to have taken this class

I am so happy to have taken this class because my teacher is able to explain things in a way that is exciting and easy to understand. He is a very fun teacher, and always open to learning from us as much as we learn from him. He believes that every student has creativity and with the right… Read more “I am so happy to have taken this class”

Caroline Knight
Class of2016

The tools to be the best I can be

I have gained a lot of knowledge from taking the Informatics course. My methods of learning and technical skills have become stronger. Informatics has not only refreshed my ability to learn, study, and work with databases, but has also enhanced my writing skills. Informatics has presented me with the tools to be the best I… Read more “The tools to be the best I can be”

Deborah O’Leary
Class of2016

Child Care

James Rumsey Technical Institute has helped me pursue my career in child care!!

Kayla Diehl
Class of2017

Shock and Awe

This class has been a very important part of my life for the past two years. It brought life back into schooling unlike back at high school. Now I feel confident with my skills and am ready to pursue a career in the field, all thanks to having a fantastic teacher and mentor.

Jacob Haslacker
Class of2021

Great start to a life long career

When I first started my class at James Rumsey, I noticed I was with a group of all ages. This in itself was a great experience, and that was just the start of it. Working in the industry before starting at James Rumsey, I kinda had a little jump start. Because of a great group… Read more “Great start to a life long career”

Class of2009


I took the Prostart class from 2008-2010 when Chef Brown was teaching. I already had a love for cooking and desired to become a pastry chef. With Chef Brown’s guidance and passion for not only the culinary field, but teaching others, I became confident in my skills. So much so that I applied to be… Read more “Prostart”

Katelyn Sine
Class of2010

I know that I will succeed

Entering the classroom for the first time, I noticed right away that this program was professional. Throughout my first year, I started to gain the knowledge of what the IT field was all about. I realized very quickly, that I wish to continue with a career in IT. Even though what I have experienced so… Read more “I know that I will succeed”

Ethan McCullough
Class of2016

Best choice ever!!

Enrolling in the James Rumsey Practical Nursing Program was the best choice I ever made for my career choice! It allowed me to get all the experience I needed for the field in such a short time. I’m one who struggles with academics, so taking the TEAS test and starting right in my field was… Read more “Best choice ever!!”

Carma Spencer
Class of2013

Best Years

James Rumsey was the best years of my life. I learned so many great things from my teacher and met some really amazing people in class.

Miranda Frazier
Class of2021

I would recommend this program to anyone.

Being at James Rumsey in the Emergency Services program has been challenging, but a great experience. I have enjoyed this program because it has helped me understand what it means to serve my community. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Kendall Barrett
Class of2016

School Year

The past 2 school years have been a mess but I learned a good bit in them. Overall, it was fun in this class considering I was the only female in a class of boys. Mr. Arntz made it easy to learn and to accomplish everything.

Lacy Resh
Class of2021


I can’t tell you much about my experience in the weld shop. I had a limited time here because of covid this year and last year. But the time I had it was good. I got experience in all welding types and cutting processes. Now when I go down to Nashville I won’t be a… Read more “Experience”

Nathan Louis Cole
Class of2021

A tool-box of ideas and techniques to use in my future

I am glad that I have been able to experience and understand that children learn in different ways and need a variety of supportive techniques for them to learn best. I am also pleased that I have learned developmentally appropriate ways to handle less than ideal behaviors that will better guide children to make appropriate… Read more “A tool-box of ideas and techniques to use in my future”

ReAnne Catlett
Class of2015

Learning to Program

While at JRTI I learned quite a few things consisting of the Python program, team management, time management, and project sizing. It has been a great experience even if there were a few bumps along the way.

Jonah-Xavier Grubb
Class of2021

Insight into what I want my future career to be

I’m glad I took this class because it has taught me a lot about what goes into being an engineer. Robotics has given me insight into what I want my future career to be, as well as teaching me valuable information I can use in that career.

Jamie Cooper
Class of2015

Well on my way to a six figure salary

I started the Electro-Mechanical Technology program with an expectation of gaining a good basic and fundamental understanding of electricity to improve the skills in my arsenal and develop a documented career with realistic expectations of success. I am proud to say I am now employed with Amazon and am well on my way to a… Read more “Well on my way to a six figure salary”

Jacob Ashton
Class of2017

A great class.

A great class. You start with fundamentals, and go through the whole truck. The class also teaches you all aspects of the industry. Without this class, I don’t know what I would be doing after high school.

Jacob Golden
Class of2013

Therapeutic Services

When I first came to Rumsey, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life once out of high school. Ms. Wilson helped me figure out everything and she’s helped me so much throughout my two years. I can’t ever thank her enough. Because of her, and my other teachers at… Read more “Therapeutic Services”

Madisyn Eller
Class of2021

Set up for Success!!!

I recently graduated from James Rumsey Trucking school under the outstanding tutelage of the instructors there. I need to specifically mention Ken Dombrowski for his tireless, (sometimes relentless) attention to detail and especially for his patience. When I started at the school, I knew absolutely nothing about truck driving. By the time I graduated, I… Read more “Set up for Success!!!”

Arthur Hilton
Class ofending June 30, 2022


I loved Cisco! The hands on-learning and interactive experience is unmatched. I’ve learned so much over the last two years, and I can’t wait to use every bit of information into the real world!

Reese Ludwick
Class of2021

Excellent Job/Education Resources

I took Early Childhood Development with Mrs. Amy Files from 2009-2011. Not only did I learn about infancy through childhood, but I also learned about critical thinking skills outside the classroom. Mrs.Files leads the classroom with poise and excitement. Our class collaborated and worked together to get the best education experience. Now as an adult,… Read more “Excellent Job/Education Resources”

Jessica Edwards
Class of2011

My future is brighter.

Not only did James Rumsey Technical Institute give me great memories and wonderful friendships, it also gave me the leadership qualities and self confidence that I lacked before attending. James Rumsey has opened up my future in so many ways that I can now sleep a little easier knowing my future is brighter. I will… Read more “My future is brighter.”

Victoria Grace
Class of2015


The welding program is a good class. It just seems like it goes by so fast. Attending Rumsey all day is way better than any home school, you’re actually treated like a adult and all the teachers make it a good time. But I will say if you come all day you have to be… Read more “Welding”

James d Nuse
Class of2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this class.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I appreciated not only the hands on parts of the class, but the theory parts of the class too. I believe this class is preparing me very well to go into the workforce as an electrician, and I look forward to taking the second half of this class next year.

Noah Hose
Class of2016

Made coming to school enjoyable

Mr. Zeger’s automotive class kept me in school, made coming to school enjoyable, and got me prepared for my line of work.

Seth Miller
Class of2014

The weld shop

The weld shop is never a boring place. You can learn lots of useful skills besides welding.

Damien Heranadez
Class of2021

Jump-started My Career

The Law and Public Safety class gave me so many opportunities to gain real-life, hands on experience in the court room and with many experts in the field. It lead me to internships, lifelong professional networks, and ultimately gave me a jump-start to my career. The best part was the friendships and memories I got… Read more “Jump-started My Career”

Caitlyn Kinsey
Class of2019

A different path

If you were to ask me back when I was a sophomore would I like to go to James Rumsey, I would’ve said no. After choosing the high school Electrical I didn’t know what to expect. On the first day, I was nervous but I was glad I had a close friend in the a.m.… Read more “A different path”

Ethan Miguel Abston
Class of2021

Good experience.

I highly recommend this class if you are looking to become an electrician. This class has taught me everything about electrical. The hands on work is a bonus too.

Dominick Riley Carragher
Class of2021

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