On Thursday, November 17th representatives and pre-established employees of the upcoming Procter & Gamble location held a presentation to discuss the building of the Tabler Station Plant; a project expected to be finished by late-2017. The plant will be located in Martinsburg, towards Inwood. P&G’s representatives expressed the importance of the position here in Martinsburg, as they’ll be able to reach 60% of the east coast with just a day’s truck drive.

As per usual, this sort of assembly was not only to announce an interest in assisting the community but to grab the attention of potential employees. What made this particular meeting unusual, however, was the audience: A room full of teenagers. More specifically, students of James Rumsey Technical Institute, the younger of which will be entering the workforce just a few months after the plant is expected to be up and running. Although parents who may also be interest were encouraged to come, Procter & Gamble spent their time talking about why the career opportunities are great for the what-will-be recent graduates.

During the presentation, they discussed the different options available for employment. Those looking to join the workforce straight from high school were very welcomed and encouraged, but those on the other side looking to continue their education were informed about P&G’s willing to assist those still in school with financial aide. It’s this promotion and assistance in education that really showcased the aforementioned interest in helping the community.

To apply or learn more about working with Procter & Gamble visit www.pgcareers.com. Click on “Search and Apply for Jobs” tab, and under “Job Number” type in MFG0005313.