The Electromechanical course at James Rumsey Technical Institute kicks off the school year with hands-on exercises. Not but a month into the course, students begin to learn and apply the kinds of skills that will be helpful in a real-world workplace. This is a great example of simulated workplace; a hands-on and more tangible learning experience. It allows students to encounter and troubleshoot the kind of problems that are likely to occur in a legitimate workplace. Here, students are gaining experience with circuits and following blueprints.

Led by instructor, Mr. Armer, the students apply a bit of an electrical shorthand to read a circuit map and build it. The goal? Make the light come on. A task with a goal that may seem simple, but the practicality of it is exactly why its being taught. Its one of the most common needs in the electrical-mechanical field. The electromechanical technology program reviews industrial safety training and moves rapidly into pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical control systems and advanced AC/DC circuit analysis. Additionally, instruction is provided in solid state theory/applications, digital logic, solid state starters, programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, and computer control systems.