The students of Criminal Justice had their first mock crime on September 27.

I arrived at the scene following a group of investigators. I had my camera and notepad thinking that I was about to have a story everyone would read about. I arrived at what appeared to be a hotel, and the place was in chaos. Officers were everywhere on the deck of the building. All the rooms had been taped of with the official “Police Line Do Not Cross” tape. One of the officers came over and asked me for my name. “I heard you guys were doing a mock crime scene and I’m here to put you on our news,” I told them.

Once everyone was notified of my presence they told me not to cross the yellow tape. Meanwhile the investigators were pulling out cones used to place overtop evidence that they would find. I couldn’t see into the rooms that were taped off, so I asked one of the officers whose name was Alissa what she saw in there. She confirmed that there was blood in there. Later on the supervisor came over and told me I could go into one of the rooms just once. When I went in there I saw officers searching everywhere for anything out of the ordinary. There were cones everywhere and I feared the worst for what was under them. I later interviewed the an officer after the scene. When asked what the scene was like for her, she said, ”It was worrisome. You always have to be on alert in case the suspect might return to the scene.”

The students at Criminal Justice are taught everything about Law Enforcement. From highway patrol, to S.W.A.T. team, they are taught everything. After a mission, they fill out reports on what happened.