James Rumsey decided to have a competition to raise money to pie one teacher, but it ended up being all of the teachers. The contest was between all the academic teachers, there are only four. Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Brumback, Mrs.Christman, and Mrs. White. How this contest came about was the school wanted to raise money for SkillsUSA. There were four jars in the front office. If you wanted a teacher to be pie’d, you had to put money in the jar designated for that specific teacher. The teacher with the most money at the end of the contest (which lasted about 2 weeks) will have to get pie’d. Mr.Bennett, the science teacher, was in the lead the whole time until the morning the contest ended. Mr. Lance, the Carpentry teacher, had felt sorry for Mr. Bennett and created the “Save The Bennet Foundation”. He raised money so another teacher would get pied but he ended up raising enough money to make all the teachers end up having a tie. With that said, all the academic teachers would be pie’d.