Our school likes to get involved in charities and other community projects. So when the state gave us the chance to participate in the project Tiny Homes, Big Hearts, we had jumped on it. First and second years students in the carpentry, HVAC, and electrical classes all came together to help build a small house for victims of the flood in West Virginia. Their task is to build a tiny home within their $20,000 budget. The classes were able to get their budget together from local businesses making donations. They’re planning to be finished by the 19th of December to be shipped out. So far, the progress has been great, the real issue is wanting to build another home but not having the budget capacity to do so.

An interview with one of the Carpentry students gave me some insight into their progress and how the class is using this opportunity to further their education with hands on experience. The student said that everyone in the class switches positions and does different jobs on the project. That way they all can have a wide range of experience for the future. He also said that the students believe efficient teamwork is very important. Learning to be able to communicate effectively and work with anyone on your job is very important. This way they can do the best job they possibly can. He said “If we can’t communicate effectively then we’ll make mistakes, so we try our best to make sure instructions are relayed correctly.”