Upon walking into the Robotics classroom that Thursday afternoon, I saw what could only be described as Technological Grace. You would see Junior class and Senior class students working together to create these remote controlled robot masterpieces, using them in obstacle courses of would trying to get them to go through without a single robot hitting one of the obstacles in its way.

The biggest project going on in Chuck McClain’s class was the VEX Project being made by the seniors in the class.  It is called the Claw-bot, the 5th one coming out of VEX. With its very unique design, the Claw-bot runs off 5 motors, 2 of them run the very impressive tank tread style wheels, 1 controls the movement of the claw arm, 1 extends the arm, and the last controls the actual claw. They did all this to get the best they could out of power, speed, and torque.

It took these three High School Seniors three days to finish the robotic masterpiece, with them all saying “We believe that the easiest part of the project was building the claw, as well as the chasis of the robotic body. The hardest part of it all was definitely coding for the robot.” One of the students in Mr. McClain’s Robotics class, Xavier Allen told me “ It was a great project. I’m happy with how it turned out.” Upon being asked what he wants to do in the future, he responded “I wouldn’t mind following my fathers footsteps and take a step forward in the field of Cyber Security.”