The Early Childhood Education had started to learn CPR and First Aid on Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th since it’s a two-part class. On Tuesday it was just a video and questions and telling them what they should or should not do. When I was there I had learned a couple of things myself.

CPR is a very important thing you could save someone’s life with it and with knowing what you are doing. On Wednesday the 8th they had actually worked on the dummies and practiced doing chest compressions. However, with chest compressions there is a technique you could only do so many compressions for so long. The Early Childhood Education class taking this CPR class is very important since they are dealing with kids and they know what to do if something happens to them. However, in this class you learn how to use an AED and that if you do mouth to mouth you should use a mask or the person’s shirt so its not a mouth-to-mouth connection. This skill in very important to learn no matter what class you are in or if you are at work its something you could use anywhere at anytime.