Caring for a Child can be tough, but caring for multiple children simultaneously must be a piece of cake, thats on fire, and is filled with razor blades. That was my thought before walking into the Early Childhood Development program that we have here at James Rumsey, where the students of this class handle childcare with such calm and gentle manor.

Walking into the class that day, I found the class making a project for the children; with sand, water, and paper. Some students were caring for the children while others set up the project.

Many Students in this class enjoy what they do in there. Sierra Dixon, a second year student, said, “I enjoy working with the kids in here because Its helping me learn to teach and showing me if its something I want to do.” Samantha Long, another second year student proclaimed, “Working with the kids in this class as well as the other students can be fun, we all start out strangers and in the end we become one big family.”  Students like Samantha want to go on to be Kindergarten Teachers, and some admit taking it to prepare being a parent.