Do you want to take up a career in truck driving? Do you want to travel countrywide to see what America has to offer everywhere while behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll need a bit of training won’t you? Well James Rumsey Technical Institute is the one for you.

In this program, students learn how to, well drive trucks, but not just any trucks, they learn how to drive eighteen wheelers, like Mack trucks and Peterbilt. They learn how difficult it can be to drive one of these monstrous trucks that the school. they have to learn how to parallel park the truck, turn sharp curves, etc.

On that cold January day, the class was learning how to parallel park the trucks, some students of this adult program were wanting to use this as an opportunity to go out and see the world and some want to take it on for the career opportunities it brings.