Title Exchange

The Martinsburg Police Department has donated retired squad car to James Rumsey Technical Institute.

On Thursday, August 24, representatives from the Martinsburg Police Department visited students of JRTI’s Criminal Justice class with a special donation: A 2009-issue Chevy Impala squad car. Members of the course’s Craft Advisory Committee were more than happy to push for the City Council’s approval to donate a decommissioned car to the state’s premier career and technical education site of 2016.

Each of James Rumsey’s technical programs has a Craft Advisory Committee, comprised of hand-picked members of their respective industries, who assist in ensuring each technical curriculum is up-to-date, as well as the technology and teaching utilities involved. students check out the new car

Chief of Police Maury Richards was present at the event, expressing his gratitude for “such a great example for educators and communities.” He is very proud of his involvement as a partner to JRTI and the program. Deputy Chief George Swartwood, an avid supporter of JRTI’s education endeavors, expressed his enthusiasm about the program.

“I am very fortunate to be on the board of the Criminal Justice program”, Deputy Chief Swartwood.

James Rumsey Technical Institute would like to thank the Martinsburg Police Department for their involvement and interest in its students and its mission.