The Adult Culinary Class, taught by Chef Coble, was preparing for their first soup practical on September 29, 2017.  They created many soups, such as bisques, smoked chicken, vegetable beef. The adult students were making the soups for the teachers at James Rumsey. The teachers could order any of the soups they wanted to try, however depending on the soup depended on which student the soup came from. Each student had to make his or her own soup and the students would receive a grade based off how well the teachers liked their soups.

This is the first time that Chef Coble had the culinary class have an open café. The students did many things, such as cutting up tomatoes and other vegetables, individually mixing up the soups, kneading and rolling out the bread that they were making fresh to bake into crackers as sides for the soups. The students try and help each other as much as possible, but the best way they can is to give each other plenty of space to do their own individual work.

A student currently taking the course, said he learned how to cut correctly and the many different types of cutting there were. Another student was making a soup called an Italian Wedding. It contains two types of meatballs, kale, carrots, onions, celery.

The students in the class needed very aware of the people around them, not only so they don’t get in each other’s ways, but to keep their classmates and themselves safe. While walking in the room, a student carrying a knife would say, “There’s a knife in front of you, heads up” or a phrase similar like that to keep his or her classmates informed to keep a safe environment.

The Culinary Class looked organized and calm under the pressure the they felt, making delicious and wonderful smelling soups.

James Rumsey Adult Culinary class has first cafe known as soup practical

James Rumsey Adult Culinary class has first cafe known as a “Soup Practical.”