The VEX robotics teams of James Ramsey went to three competitions this year, and slowly built up to the third competition, which was the state championship at the Falcon Center on March 3rd. The three teams, The Highlanders, The Titanium Barons, and The Outsiders are students from both the high school and the middle school.

The first competition was the same Falcon Center on February 3rd. While neither team was in the top eight, the Highlanders made it to the finals and the Outsiders made it to the semifinals.

The next competition was another regional qualifier at James Rumsey Technical Institute. The Outsiders made it to the semifinals and the Titanium Barons and Highlanders made it to the finals together. The Titanium Barons won the excellence award.

Only the Titanium Barons were invited to the third and final championship, and they made it to the semifinals.

“At the end of the day, we’re just playin’ with robots”
-Carl Freiler, Titanium Barons, whenever he’s feeling stressed
“If we just keep working hard, we’ve got a good shot”
-Anthony Abrahamian, Titanium Barons, days before the state championship

Great job to the VEX robotics teams for their achievements in these championships!