Student Council is hosting a Lock-In for James Rumsey Technical Institute students on November 16th to 17th from 5pm-7am. It will cost $10 per student, deadline for funds are November 9th. Activities will include a pajama contest, bonfire, BBQ, Nerf war, and so much more! You can register in the office or through the form below. Make sure to bring you own pillows, blankets, Nerf guns, and best jammies!

Use the form below to pay with credit card. You can pay with cash in the school office. No checks accepted.


  • Once here, no one will be allowed to leave school property unless picked up by a parent.
  • The school is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal items.
  • You MUST be a JRTI student to attend. Please bring JRTI student ID.
Price to attend is $10. Paypal will charge your credit card.