The James Rumsey Technical Institute held its biannual AAA Awards ceremony Thursday to recognize outstanding students. Recipients are chosen from seventeen high school technical programs, seven adult technical programs, and four high school academic areas. Amy Murray from JRTI’s business partner, Napa Auto Parts, and several representatives from the tri-county school system participated in the ceremony.

AAA Winners AM
High school AAA winners AM

Each semester, every instructor recommends one student from each of their classes to receive the award. The AAA in the award’s name stands for Attendance, Attitude, and Achievement. Each student recommended has been identified by their instructor as displaying exemplary performance in any combination of those three categories. Many of the students chosen hold leadership positions in the school’s Simulated Workplace initiative.

AAA Winners PM
High school AAA winners PM

Many of the recipients’ families attended. Students were not notified in advance of who was chosen in order to surprise them. As each recipient was called forward to receive a certificate and a T-shirt, a brief write-up about the student provided by the instructor was read to the audience. Students and family members cheered as each recipient’s accomplishments were shared.

AAA winners adult
Postsecondary AAA winners

Three ceremonies were held during the day. One for the schools morning high school students and one for their afternoon students. A third ceremony was held mid-morning for students in the adult programs. Donna Van Metre, Director/Principal, John Vanorsdale, Criminal Justice instructor, and Carole Spessert, Therapeutic Services instructor, served as announcers during the ceremony. Students from the Multimedia Publishing program took photos during the high school ceremonies. Amanda Butcher from the Multimedia class designed the T-shirt given to the recipients. The shirts were printed at JRTI by the Multimedia class.