All of David Gerda’s Math classes participated in the construction of a 6-foot Ferris Wheel using the K’NEX Construction System purchased with a grant from the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation. The project took two full days to complete. Mr.Gerda says that it was “Truly a great experience in leadership and allowed the students to take 100% control of ownership of the building process”. The students demonstrated that they were able to work together as teams within each class period, throughout the day. Teams worked on different pieces which changed each class period.

As an added touch, the Graphic Design students designed a logo for the front of the Ferris Wheel as another separate project. Mr.Gerda was presented with several different ideas and chose one. Mr.Gerda says the project will continue later in the school year when the students move into the trigonometry unit. Mr.Gerda would also like to thank EWVCF for the mini-grant and update.