Dear Adult Students, High School Students and Guardians,

I hope this finds you well!  

Globally we are experiencing an historic event that will leave a long impact on us.  COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of our everyday lives.  It has impacted how we delivery instruction as well as how we will our student successes.

As of now, the governor has closed schools for the remainder of the school year.   This means that instruction will continue through distance learning.

Please carefully read all of the following information.  Some of this information had been previously shared and some is new.

Adult Postsecondary Instruction

While the West Virginia Department of Education has implemented changes in how grades will be kept and calculated for high school students, adult postsecondary instruction, grades and assessments will continue as they have been. 

High School Instruction  

  1. College Transitional Math for all-day seniors will continue as normal.  This class is offered through BRCTC.
  2. Teachers will continue to make lessons that review your Content Skill Sets, NOCTI and certifications.  They will continue to push plans out through the channels you have been using.
  3. At this point, understand that grades will only help students 3rd nine weeks grades.  Assignments submitted through fourth nine weeks can be used to increase the semester grade.
  4. If a student had earned an F for third nine weeks, satisfactory work submitted through fourth nine weeks will help increase that grade.
  5. Grades will continue to be updated in iGradePlus.
  6. IEPs and 504 plans will continue to be followed.   
  7. We DO ask that you continue to communicate and “check in” with your teachers.  

Certification Testing

At this time, all certification testing has been suspended until schools, businesses and agencies open again.  We will be following guidance from the Governor’s Office, the Health Department and the Boards of Education.  Once our buildings open, our teachers are committed to providing students with opportunities to take certifications assessments.  Continue to work with industry resources to prepare for these certifications.  Contact your instructors with questions about resources.

Return and Collection of Student Materials

Students who need to return materials or collect materials that are still in the school will be able to pick them up.  Guidelines will be sent out that follow CDC and Health Department regulations. Programs will be provided with specific times and protocols which must be followed.  Information will be sent out through iGradePlus, FaceBook and the school website.  High school return and collection of materials will be on May 21.  ACE return and collection of materials will be on June 4.


Student staff and community safety is our first priority.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC and Health Department have established safety guidelines which necessitate alternate options to our ceremonies.  To recognize our students’ accomplishments, we will be recognizing our students through virtual ceremonies.  We will then hold recognition events in late summer/early fall when we can be together more safely.

  • High School AAA (Attendance, Attitude and Achievement) Awards recognize students who have shown distinction in these areas.  Each instructor nominates a student for the morning and the afternoon classes.  The ceremonies have been prerecorded and will be available starting Thursday, May 7 on our website at and our FaceBook page at James Rumsey Technical Institute.
  • JRTI Certificate and NTHS Ceremony – high school seniors who have earned their James Rumsey Technical Institute Certificate through maintaining a C average in their technical courses and missing fewer that twenty days over the last two years will be recognized during this ceremony.  We will also be recognizing National Technical Honor Society inductees.  This ceremony will be prerecorded and is tentatively schedule to be made available through our website and FaceBook page on May 20.  Certificates and medal can be picked up on May 21 following the guidelines for material collection and distribution that will be sent out.
  • ACE Graduation and AAA Awards – postsecondary students who have successfully completed an ACE program and who have earned a AAA (Attendance, Attitude and Achievement) award will be recognized for their achievement.  The ceremony will be prerecorded and is tentatively scheduled to me made available through our website and FaceBook page on June 10.  Certificates will be available to be picked up from JRTI offices after the ceremony.

Planning for 2020-21


Prior to the transition to distance learning, your teachers met with juniors about whether or not they would be returning in 2020-21.  We have submitted the roster of returning students to feeder high schools.  Returning students will be scheduled at JRTI by their counselors.


Continue to work toward the plans you have set for after graduation. While many school, agency and business building are closed, most entities continue to work electronically.  For extra support keep in mind that you have excellent support through your instructors, Work Based Coordinator, Mr. Albright (, and School Counselor, Ms. Cacicia (

  • If you have a job lined up, reach out to your employer to make sure they know you will be coming to work. 
  • If you are enlisting, reach out to your recruiter to ensure you’re still on track with enlistment requirements.
  • If you are pursuing postsecondary studies, make sure that you are filling out and submitting enrollment applications, FAFSA, scholarship applications and grant applications.  Students who plan on returning to JRTI for an adult program should submit an online application and contact School Counselor, Ms. Cacicia ( to begin the application and scholarship process. CFWV is a great resource for information on the postsecondary application and scholarship process. 
  • Berkeley County seniors have the opportunity to receive information on job opening in Berkeley County.  Seniors can receive this information straight from local businesses via email and text. Click on the link below and complete the fields and be sure to select the job categories that align with your skills, abilities and interests, so you can be connected with the most up-to-date career leads in our community.

Career Portal

Adult Postsecondary Students

Continue to work with your instructors and Work Based Learning Coordinator, Mr. Albright (,  to ensure work placement upon completion of your coursework.  Students who plan on returning to JRTI for another program should submit an online application and contact School Counselor, Ms. Cacicia ( to begin the application and scholarship process.

I miss all of you!

Donna Van Metre