On April 14, the James Rumsey Truck Driving program received a trailer from D. M. Bowman

Bowman, a local trucking company, has a partnership with James Rumsey and similar tech schools. 

The CEO of Bowman, Brian Hall, was there to present the trailer.

Brian said that Bowman donates to programs like this so that the students can get experience driving the kind of tech they will be using on the road. According to him, partnerships like this have produced some very high quality students. 

“Bowman hires from a variety of schools, but James Rumsey trucking students are some of the best,” he commented. 

He also stated that he hoped that this partnership helps people know about both the school and the company.

For the graduates who go on to work for D. M. Bowman, their tuition will get reimbursed by the company.