Notice of Job Vacancy

DATE:  June 1, 2021

POSITION: Entrepreneurship Instructor


James Rumsey Technical Center is seeking a highly motivated, entrepreneurially minded individual to join our unique team as a Makerspace Entrepreneurship Instructor. In this position, the individual will assist in coordinating and developing innovative, forward-thinking education programs related to entrepreneurship education, innovation, and business development for both high school students and adult learners. The instructor will have flexibility over his/her classroom design and curriculum decisions.


  1. Required an entrepreneurial, future-oriented, growth mindset;
  2. Required a horizontal, recombinant thinker that identifies and connects resources and ideas to create new opportunities;
  3. Preferred prior experience in entrepreneurship and/or small business development;
  4. Preferred experience working with K-12 educators, schools, and communities;
  5. Preferred experience in business coaching and venture development;
  6. Strong verbal skills and ability to communicate internally and externally on behalf of the program and as a trainer/facilitator with students;
  7. Excellent at building relationships in all professional settings and identifying and empathizing with all stakeholder groups;
  8. Excellent organizational skills, with an ability to work independently and manage tasking as assigned;
  9. Creative problem-solving skills to address internal and external challenges and reframe these quickly as opportunities;
  10. A customer-focused mindset; anticipating educational needs to ideate creative programming.


  1. Co-develop and deliver curricula and programming for high school and adult learners.
  2. Connect with outside stakeholders to collaborate, form partnerships, and build resource networks for the program.
  3. Build capacity of staff and students to independently investigate and design new innovations.
  4. Provide business coaching and innovation services to internal and external clients and students.
  5. Develop new and innovative project ideas and partnerships.
  6. Support students and external clients in the development of entrepreneurial ventures.
  7. Facilitate, rather than teach, entrepreneurial learning and development.


$30 per hour for up to 30 hours per week


Grant funding through June 30, 2022; grant request for following year will be submitted




Until Position is Filled


Letters of application with resume of education and experience should be submitted to:

Donna Van Metre
James Rumsey Technical Institute,
3274 Hedgesville Road
Martinsburg, WV 25403

Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal employment opportunity is granted to all persons regardless of race, disability, religion, color, age, sex, or national origin, and no discrimination based upon such factors will be made in salary, promotion, demotion, transfer, or termination of any employee.