Notice of Job Vacancy

DATE:  November 17, 2021

POSITION: General Contractors Test Prep Instructor


  • This position will be responsible for developing and teaching the Test Prep Course for the WV General Contractors License.
  • Maintain and follow all guidelines and records including but not limited to student records, documents, purchases, and receipts as required by the WVDE and James Rumsey Technical Institute, etc.
  • Update course as necessary to assure positive test passage rates.
  • Set up course schedule to deliver the 48-hour course curriculum. This will be offered as an adult evening course over multiple weeks.
  • The instructor will have 24 hours of individual curriculum preparation time.
  • Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as the Director or immediate supervisor may assign.


  • Hold WV General Contractors License
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in a field related to the general contractors license
  • Hold WV CTE Teaching Certificate – Preferred but not required


$45 per hour, 48 hours combined teaching work, 24 hours individual planning work.


Grant Funded, As Needed, Adult Evening Part Time Course Offering


January 3, 2022


November 24, 2021


Letters of application with resume of education and experience should be submitted to:

Donna Van Metre
James Rumsey Technical Institute
3274 Hedgesville Road
Martinsburg, WV 25403

Equal employment opportunity is granted to all persons regardless of race, disability, religion, color, age, sex, or national origin, and no discrimination based upon such factors will be made in salary, promotion, demotion, transfer, or termination of any employee.