Electromechanical Technology is now Automated Manufacturing Technology.

Full-Time Adult Classes

11-Month Program
30 Hours of Training Per Week

Components of the Electromechanical Technology program at the James Rumsey Technical Institute include theory, hands-on skills, and applications that qualify the student for entry-level employment in their certification level. Each day, students spend approximately 2 hours in the classroom studying electromechanical theory, and 4 hours in the shop and lab. An additional 2 hours are spent each night working on electromechanical theory homework.

In addition to a lab fee of $200 each semester, students are required to provide their own hand tools, scientific calculator, safety glasses, hard hat, gloves, and electric meter. Access to a computer is required for completing homework assignments, tests, and classwork.

Courses of Study

9300A Automated Manufacturing Technology I
9301A Automated Manufacturing Technology II
9302A Automated Manufacturing Technology III
9303A Automated Manufacturing Technology IV
9304A Automated Manufacturing Technology V
9305A Automated Manufacturing Technology VI
9223A Fundamentals of Industrial Equipment Maintenance
9224A Hydraulics & Pneumatic Systems
9306A Employability Skills Preparation
9011A Work-Based Integration & Transition

How much will this class cost?

JRTI is a public school. That means that our adult prep programs are very affordable.

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First Semester Second Semester Approximate Total
$5332 $2775 $8107

Opportunities in the Field

There is an increased demand for skilled electromechanical technicians who have knowledge and ability to meet the licensing requirements. Industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified electromechanical maintenance technicians; these positions are among the highest paying and most secure in today’s industry.

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Eric Armer

Eric Armer

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