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Full-Time Adult Classes
11-Month Program
30 Hours of Training Per Week

The Automotive Technology program trains students for entry-level positions in the automotive industry. Students spend 50 percent of their time working in a supervised shop, and the other 50 percent is spent in the classroom studying related theory.

Automotive technicians are in great demand. In the metropolitan area, technicians can earn an annual salary as high as the mid-$60,000 range. Increased high-tech controls are enabling technicians to earn even more!

Through articulation agreements students can earn 12 hours of credit through the University of Northwestern Ohio. Call 304-754-7925 for more information.


The curriculum is divided into four (4) marking periods. Classes include:

Automotive Fundamentals
Careers in Automotive Technology
Tools—use and care

Brakes—Disc and Drum
Electronic Anti-lock Brakes

Steering and Suspension
Steering Systems
Front and Rear Suspension

Valve train 

Engine Performance
Fuel System Components – Functions
Emissions Controls
Computer Inputs/Outputs
Ignition Systems

Wiring Systems
Electronic Components
Scan Tool Use

Heating and Air Conditioning
A/C System Components
A/C Operation and Theory
Heating Components

Courses of Study

9243A Automotive Technology MLR-1
9244A Automotive Technology MLR-3
9245A Automotive Technology MLR-4
9246A Automotive Technology MLR-2
9247A Alternative Fuels
9248A Automotive Technology AST-4
9249A Automotive Technology AST-1
9250A Automotive Technology AST-2
9251A Automotive Technology AST-3
9011A Work-Based Integration & Transition

How much will this class cost?

JRTI is a public school. That means that our adult prep programs are very affordable.

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First Semester Second Semester Approximate Total
$4786 $3575 $8361

Opportunities in the Field

Dealerships—Line Mechanic, Specialty Mechanic, New/Used Car Preparation Parts, Parts Sales
Specialty Shops—Brakes, Tune-Up, Exhaust, Tires
Independent Shops
Service Centers
Service Stores
Parts Stores

Cooperative Education

Offered through area dealerships, such as
Apple Valley Chevrolet
Miller Honda VW Isuzu
Miller Jeep
Thomassen Ford
Douglas Chevrolet
Opequon Motors
Parsons Ford

Contact the Instructor

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams

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