12 week program
Part Time, Evening

The Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) at the James Rumsey School of Practical Nursing trains students to become safe and effective nursing assistants that can work in long term care or in acute care. The program follows a rigorous training schedule. Once you graduate the course, you will sit for the CNA examination and receive your West Virginia Certification upon successful completion.

 The CNA program is offered twice each year beginning the second Monday in September and March.

Just need to renew your license?

We offer a CNA Refresher course if your registration has lapsed within five years. If it has been more than five years, you will be required to complete the entire certified nursing program (not eligible for the refresher course).


Must have a WV CNA license that has expired within the last 5 years.

Contact the WV State Nursing Aide Board to verify you are eligible to take the refresher course.

What to do next:

Call (304) 754-7925 for available dates and times.

Sit for the CNA exam after completion.


How much will this class cost?

JRTI is a public school. That means that our adult prep programs are very affordable.

Certified Nursing Assistant Total
In-State $1500
Out-of-State $1500

Contact the Practical Nursing Secretary
Lori Grove