Full-Time Adult Classes

11-Month Program
30 Hours of Training Per Week

The Culinary Arts program teaches the skills necessary to operate a successful food service business. The program incorporates the NRAEF ServSafe Manager curriculum to train students to arrange and run a kitchen in a way that ensures food is prepared, stored and reheated safely, and all federal and state regulations are adhered to. Students take the National Restaurant Association ServSafe® examination for certification.

Learn how the purchasing cycle of a restaurant works, from product and vendor selection to filling orders. Analyze the flow of goods, forecast sales, and control labor and food costs to improve the profitability of a foodservice establishment. Learn what it takes to uphold the professional standards of performance for dining room personnel, including order taking and guest relations.

Of course, the kitchen is the heart of the industry. You will learn fundamental cooking theories and techniques including knife skills, soups, stocks, sauces, glazes, baked goods and pastries, moist heat and dry heat cooking techniques. No meal is complete without beverages. Learn about styles of wine, cocktails, and beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages from around the world. You will also learn the theory and practice of matching beverages with food, tastings, and organizing beverage service.

Throughout the program, you will develop an online portfolio to showcase your achievements and abilities.


Courses of Study

9161A Culinary Arts 1
9162A Culinary Arts 2
9163A Culinary Arts 3
9164A Culinary Arts 4
9165A Culinary Arts 5
9166A Culinary Arts 6
9167A Culinary Arts 7
9168A Culinary Arts 8
9169A Culinary Arts 9
9011A Work-Based Integration & Transition

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First Semester Second Semester Approximate Total
$44446 $3039 $7485

Life changing!

I could say so many positive, great things about James Rumsey, and even more about the Culinary class. It taught me not only important cooking techniques needed in the kitchen, but also helped me secure a job in the field with resume building, mock interviews, etc. The school itself has a great reputation with the community & has opened many doors for me. Within a few months after graduating, I secured a managers position. The culinary course really changed my life & I’d go back if I could!

Jessica steerman
Class of_2015

Great start to a life long career

When I first started my class at James Rumsey, I noticed I was with a group of all ages. This in itself was a great experience, and that was just the start of it. Working in the industry before starting at James Rumsey, I kinda had a little jump start. Because of a great group of instructors that had passion for culinary arts, it made me strive to learn as much as I could. I won’t lie, the early mornings were the worst, but when I finished with my completion, it was all worth it. I thank the instructors all the time in my head because if it wasn’t for them pushing us to become better chefs I probably wouldn’t be in the great situation I’m in. I finished with my degrees from Blue Ridge and ended up coming out of college with two degrees all thanks to James Rumsey Technical Institute. I now live in Florida working for one of the top ranked Fortune 500 hotel companies.

Class of_2009

A kitchen can bring life lessons

Rumsey was a big stepping stone for me. I know I always loved the culinary arts but was afraid to pursue it. Chef Brown taught us a lot about every aspect of the kitchen, front of house, and back of house. We learned basic and advanced techniques and even got real hands-on experiences with cooking for people at live functions. Although I didn’t pursue the culinary arts after high school, it has helped me tremendously with marketing as I can get new clients for the food industry relatively easy with my culinary knowledge learned from Rumsey! I can also say Chef Brown invested a lot into us, even if we were stubborn and not the best students, you can tell he had a big passion for what he did and wanted to invest that and life lessons into us!

Moises Cardenas
Class of_2010

Get the ACF advantage!

To get the job you want, you need to prove you’re more qualified than the competition. Successful completers of the Culinary Arts program are eligible to test for ACF Certification. This certification shows that you have the knowledge and skills to be valuable in this industry.

Opportunities in the Field

Prep Cook
Guest Services
Line Cook
Culinary Leader
Kitchen Manager
Sous Chef
Executive Chef
Food and Beverage Manager

Contact the Instructor
Chef Lonnie Colbe Chef Lonnie Coble

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ACFEF AC Required Program Outcomes (previous two years)
ACFEF Accredited Program Name Culinary Arts URL Web Address to Program Data https://www.jamesrumsey.com/academics/adult-programs/culinary-arts/
Class of 2020 Class of 2021
Graduation Rate (%) Job Placement Rate (%) ACF Certification Rate (%) Graduates eligible for Certification after 1 year work experience Graduation Rate (%) Job Placement Rate (%) ACF Certification Rate (%) Graduates eligible for Certification after 1 year work experience
100% 20% (Due to Covid-19) 0% 80% 50% 100% 0% 100%