Full-Time Adult Classes

11-Month Program
30 Hours of Training Per Week

Components of the Electromechanical Technology program at the James Rumsey Technical Institute include theory, hands-on skills, and applications that qualify the student for entry-level employment in their certification level. Each day, students spend approximately 2 hours in the classroom studying electromechanical theory, and 4 hours in the shop and lab. An additional 2 hours are spent each night working on electromechanical theory homework.

In addition to a lab fee of $200 each semester, students are required to provide their own hand tools, scientific calculator, safety glasses, hard hat, gloves, and electric meter. Access to a computer is required for completing homework assignments, tests, and classwork.


Tooling U Training Curriculum

1873 Fundamentals of Industrial Equipment Maintenance
Safety, Measurement, Fasteners, Tools, Bearings, Gaskets and Lubrication, Machining and Welding

1875 Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems

1871 Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Basics, Electrical Theory, Industrial Power, Electrical Motors, PLCs, VFM Drives, PWM Motor Control

1763 Fundamentals of Electricity
Electrical Safety, Electrical Math Concepts, Basic Circuits, Transistor Logic, SCR & Triac Logic

1765 Industrial and Commercial Wiring
Conduit and Raceways, Commercial Load
Calculations and Configurations

1767 National Electric Code

1769 Residential Wiring
Wiring Data, Service Entrance Equipment, Protective Devices, Appliance and Special Circuits, Low-Voltage Systems, HVAC/R systems, Micro Controllers, Boilers

How much will this class cost?

JRTI is a public school. That means that our adult prep programs are very affordable.

Electromechanical Technology First Semester Second Semester Total
In-State $4559 $2465 $7024
Out-of-State $4779 $2685 $7464

Opportunities in the Field

There is an increased demand for skilled electromechanical technicians who have knowledge and ability to meet the licensing requirements. Industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified electromechanical maintenance technicians; these positions are among the highest paying and most secure in today’s industry.

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Eric Armer