5 Month Adult Program

Daytime Monday through Friday

Massage Therapy is a comprehensive 5 month program that prepares students to become certified massage therapists through an integrative approach to science, massage, and bodywork. This program incorporates a broad knowledge of both Eastern and Western theories and techniques. The program exceeds standards set by most state and municipal governments for licensing. Students gain a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques and are well prepared for a career in massage therapy. The emphasis of massage therapy covers modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofacial, spa, clinical, chair, sports, and orthopedic techniques.


Offered through the West Virginia Department of Education. Graduates are qualified to take one of the two national licensing tests. A passing score allows the participant access to the licensure process to practice within their chosen state.

Methods of instruction include lecture, demonstration, hands-on experience, computer integration, power point presentations, guest speakers, community outreach, and a student clinic.

Interactive learning and student participation through daily classroom practice are encouraged. Summative and formative skill assessments measure progression throughout the course.

  • History and Ethics
  • Anatomy & Physiology – Massage Basis
  • Pathology and Contraindications
  • Kinesiology and Body Mechanics
  • Professionalism and Business Practices
  • Swedish/Deep Tissue
  • Spa and Clinical Modalities

Courses of Study

9074A Body Structures and Functions
9066A Introduction to Health Care
9155A Massage Therapy I
9156A Massage Therapy II
9157A Massage Therapy III
9158A Massage Therapy IV
9159A Massage Therapy V
9160A Application of Massage Therapy
9067A Essentials of Addiction and Prevention
9068A Science Clinical Experience

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Opportunities in the Field

Day Spas
Health Clubs
Private Practice
Destination Spas
Cruise Ships
Home Visits
Sports Teams
Medical Facilities
Casino Based

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