Are you thinking about applying for one of our high school programs, but you aren’t sure if it’s for you? There are a lot of misconceptions about tech schools. Get the answers to your questions here.

How big is JRTI?

We usually have between 400 and 500 students enrolled in our high school programs each year.

How do I get there?

Students enrolled in public school ride their normal bus to their home high school. After reporting to your home high school, you board another bus to JRTI. The same bus returns you to your home high school after class. You will then ride your normal bus home. Home-schooled and private school students may need to arrange their own transportation.

Is JRTI part of the public school system?

Yes it is. We follow Berkeley County Schools’ schedule and grading system. Students from Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties attend our programs.

How qualified are your teachers?

JRTI has one of the state’s most qualified and credentialed faculties. All of our teachers are certified by the WV Board of Education and have several years of experience in their field. If you want to be the best, learn from the best!

How much does it cost?

JRTI is FREE to all high school juniors and seniors who reside in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties. This includes home-schooled and private school students.

Can I still take classes at my school?

Most students attend JRTI for half of the school day. Our tech classes are three periods long. Morning classes are periods one to three. Afternoon classes are periods five to seven.

Did you know…

High school students involved in Career and Technical Education are more engaged, perform better and graduate at higher rates.

81% of dropouts say relevant, real-world learning opportunities would have kept them in high school.

The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 90.18%, compared to an average national freshman graduation rate of 74.9%.

More than 70% of secondary CTE concentrators pursued postsecondary education shortly after high school.

*Statistics provided by

Can I still participate in activities at my high school?

Absolutely! Even for students who attend JRTI all day. You will still be able to participate in your high school’s clubs, sports, band, and prom; you name it! You will still be a student at your school. You will graduate from that school. You will still see your friends, and make new ones from all over the area.

I’m going to college. Why should I
attend JRTI?

The biggest misconception people have about career and technical schools is that students planning to go to college can’t benefit from technical school. They couldn’t be more wrong! All of our programs offer students a leg up over the competition, whether it is on the job or in college. Many of our programs lead directly to a college program. Others offer the practical hands-on side of a discipline that you won’t learn in college.

Wait a minute, I heard tech school was only for students who struggle in their academic classes.

Technical school is not an escape from academic studies. JRTI offers an educational experience that combines academic skills with practical hands-on practice, workplace skills, and leadership training. Our job is to prepare you for the demanding world of the 21st Century. All of our programs incorporate math, reading, and writing. The difference is, you will apply these skills in a way that relates directly to your chosen industry.


Students who prefer the advantages of attending a small school are able to study the tech class of their choice and complete many of their academic credits all on one campus. JRTI offers the 4 core academic classes for 11th and 12th grades. These classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who not only stress academic rigor, but also incorporate technical career relevance into the lessons and project based learning. Students, who attend the academic program in addition to their technical class, receive a broader educational foundation. Many of our highly successful students attend JRTI for technical and academic studies. Students feel unified and a part of the school culture when they attend JRTI for their core academic classes. Additionally students who attend JRTI for both technical and academic classes have more opportunities for participation in technical organizations, field trips, and clubs.

Many of the academic courses offer the opportunity to earn EDGE credits. All you need is a grade of 75 or higher every nine weeks and on the semester exams.

Sample academic courses offered:

Contemporary Studies (US History)
Math 3 Technical Readiness
Conceptual Math
Transitional Math
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Earth Science
Conceptual Chemistry
11th Grade Reading and English Language Arts
12th Grade Reading and English Language Arts

In addition to the classes above, JRTI also offers electives such as Psychology, as well as Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing and Interior Design courses for students in need of an Art credit. Our electives offerings change ocassionally, so check with our guidance counselor about which courses are available.