Hospitality & Tourism – WVEIS#HO1010

Who doesn’t wish they could do what a chef can do?

There are tons of television shows about cooking and baking competitions. Cooking professionally requires skill, creativity, and the ability to work under pressure. What you see on those shows are chefs pushing those qualities to the limit. They are able to create works of art despite the strict limitations of the contest.

The key to their success is how they manage their team. Strong leadership, cooperation, and communication are what win those competitions, not the food. The menu is nothing without proper execution. The kitchen staff have to work together smoothly for it to work. Under the chef’s leadership, each person acts as a critical part of a well oiled machine.

Restaurants don’t sell food. They sell a dining experience. Patrons pay for service and atmosphere just as much as what is on the menu. Again, every member of the staff plays an important role in making that experience the best it can be.
Learn to use creativity, leadership, and a love of food to turn your ideas into great dining experiences.

What you will do in this class

Participate in a simulated hotel workplace, and be given the responsibilities and tasks that are performed daily by hotel employees and management. Create, plan, cost, and execute menus, caterings, special events and run the class like a functioning kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria or food service establishment. Put your skills to the test in Statewide and National level competitions.

Skills you will learn

Cutting and chopping techniques, cooking and baking fundamentals, menu preparation, costing, event planning.

Tools you will use

Kitchen knives and utensils, food grinders and processors, small mixers, oven, grill, salamander broiler.

Measuring ingredientsMajor Units of Study

Safety & Sanitation
Culinary Fundamentals
Culinary Math
Baking & Pastry
Menu Development
Garde Manger
Breakfast Cookery
Meat, Poultry and Seafood Identification & Fabrication

simulated workplace
Working in the prep area

Example Job Titles

Research Chef
Executive Chef
Food & Beverage Director
Beverage Manager
Executive Steward
Catering Manager
Food Stylist
Food Photographer
Banquet Manager

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Contact the Instructor

Chef Stephen Brown 

Chef Stephen Brown Jr.

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