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Spring Yard Sale

Spring Yard Sale tickets go on sale Thursday, April 12th at 9:00 AM. The yard sale will take place on Saturday, May 12th rain or...

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Career Fair Event

On April 13, 2017, a memorable event was happening at James Rumsey Technical Institute. There were many oppertunities for the students whichare jobs, colleges, and businesses. There were so many booths, filled with the information that students will need if they choose to go to that job, college, or business. The students at James Rumsey were looking around to find their future career. They were having a blast as they walked around andgreeted themselves at the booths. I personally think that every student will find their future careers and that they would not regret it, if it was a career that they personally...

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Graphic Design Capstone Projects

The students in Graphic Design class worked on their Capstone project this year, and the result was cereal boxes. Alex Crouch worked on two cereal boxes, which are Dino Bites and Cinnawebs. MacKenzie Coleman worked on Cosmo Crunch. Sylvia Strakal worked on Munster Munch. Last but not least, Sara Pinney worked on Puggios. These students did a wonderful job and the designs were amazing. They created the illustrations and layouts in Adobe Illustrator. They then printed them and cut and folded them into full size mock ups. Dino Bites Alex Crouch Dino Bites Alex Crouch Cinnawebs Alex Crouch Cinnawebs...

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Early Childhood Learns about the Signs of Child Abuse

On March 8th, 2017, a guest speaker showed up at James Rumsey to teach the Early Childhood Education students about child abuse and signs of child abuse. A few students asked her questions about the signs of child abuse and about Child Protective Services, while also getting to know her more about herself. The students had learned so much about child abuse that day and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. The guest speaker provided a lot of information to the students and they enjoyed the lesson. Even the teacher had a few questions for the guest speaker and learned a lot, just like her...

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Therapeutic Skills Show-Off

Therapeutic Services show off their skills as they practice procedures on their first day of training. On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, they learned how to move their patients from beds to wheelchairs and how to communicate with patients. Students were working together and having fun at the same time in their Simulated Workplace as they practice d and tested the skills they had learned. Their instructor personally thinks that they did a fantastic job on their procedures and she was impressed with her students. Although they have completed their first task, they will be facing many more challenges in the future. “This is their first...

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Berkeley Springs High School is welcomed by James Rumsey on November 2, 2016. There were many sophomores that morning and they were ready to see what programs James Rumsey Technical Institute has to offer. A bright future is waiting for these sophomores as they walk down the halls and into a classroom filled with opportunity. Although they were shy to ask questions to the instructors, they had a blast and learned something new from James Rumsey’s...

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