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At James Rumsey Technical Institute, our school community members use social media platforms to connect with prospective families, current families, students and alumni. This may include promotional materials, educational content, and school activities, amongst others. The tools we use to do this are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

James Rumsey Technical Institute takes social media seriously. Faculty, staff, and students are all expected to show respect and to take the privacy of others into careful consideration.

Privacy Protection

To ensure the safety of our community, James Rumsey Technical Institute will never post or release information that is considered private and confidential. This includes posting conversations, names, personal schedules, addresses, phone numbers, etc. without noted consent.

Photos of students will not be posted on James Rumsey Technical Institute social media accounts if a parent specifically opts their child(ren) out of such communications. Unless otherwise opted out, students are automatically opted in. 

Students, faculty, and staff should similarly respect each other’s confidential information in addition to James Rumsey Technical Institute’s brand and copyrighted material.

Expectations for James Rumsey Technical Institute Faculty and Staff

As a member of the James Rumsey Technical Institute community, you are expected to act professionally on social media. Never use photos of students on your own personal accounts. All posts should be written coherently and following acceptable spelling, grammatical and punctuation protocols.

Responding to Comments

Whether positive or negative, it is important for James Rumsey Technical Institute to respond to comments on our social media posts. Responses to comments or questions asked by community members are only to be made by the instructor or school administrator or a Simulated Workplace designee.  Responses made by a Simulated Workplace designee must be approved by their supervisor.

Posting During a Crisis

In a crisis situation, you as a James Rumsey Technical Institute faculty or staff member are strongly discouraged from using social media to make a statement. Posting a personal statement or opinion on social media regarding a district-related topic might also violate school board policy. A formal statement or press release will be created by the administrative team.

Expectations for James Rumsey Technical Institute Students

A Simulated Workplace designee may be assigned as a key communicator for a program.  The designee with secure approval from the supervisor for posts and responses to comments. 

Students of James Rumsey Technical Institute are welcome to participate in interactions with the school online. All students are expected to employ responsible behavior, and any disrespect to the school or to peers — in addition to posting photos of other students without consent — will result in disciplinary action.

Responding to Comments

The James Rumsey Technical Institute social media presence is intended to inform and engage with our students, families, staff and the community, and to celebrate and support our schools, students and teachers. These pages are a limited public forum subject to moderation by James Rumsey Technical Institute staff. We welcome your comments and dialogue and respect your right to disagree, but expect all users to maintain civility and respect when posting and to abide by these rules of engagement and the respective social media platforms’ codes of conduct.

All comments — both positive and negative — should be responded to within 24 hours during the school week, and within 48 hours on the weekend. James Rumsey Technical Institute will handle addressing the comment publicly or privately (via a direct message) on a case-by-case basis.

James Rumsey Technical Institute reserves the right to remove any comment that:

  • Incites or promotes violence, illegal activities, alcohol or drug use, or other activities that could reasonably lead to a material and substantial disruption to school system operations.
  • Contains abusive, profane, obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit language or graphics. This includes masked words, acronyms and abbreviations. Please note that we use automatic comment filtering, so any comment containing profanity will automatically be hidden.
  • Contains harassing, threatening, or defamatory language.
  • Disparages any individual or group based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other protected class status.
  • Contains sensitive or confidential personal information, including personally identifiable student information or personnel information.
  • Advertises or promotes a commercial product or service.
  • Is repetitive or unrelated to the original post.
  • Contains SPAM, links to other sites, chain letters, pyramid schemes or fraudulent or deceptive messages.
  • Promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates.
  • Infringes on copyrights or trademarks.
  • Violates a James Rumsey Technical Institute policy, West Virginia law, or federal law.
  • James Rumsey Technical Institute does not sponsor or endorse any content posted on these pages by third-party users, and reserves the right to ban future posts from users who repeatedly violate these rules of engagement. All content published on these pages is subject to West Virginia Public Records Law.