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Standard 05 Media Services

Scope and Availability of Services Learning resource services at James Rumsey Technical Institute Education (JRTI) provide students with current, comprehensive information related to the area of training. The accessibility...

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Standard 04 Strategic Plan

James Rumsey Technical Institute 2019-2023 Strategic Plan Scope of Services The scope and services of the strategic plan are to consistently improve the quality of education and to remain a safe and supportive school for our...

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Standard 03 Follow-Up Plan

Scope and Services The scope and services for collection of completer employment data and the follow-up activities of employment data is the responsibility of the work-based learning coordinator. The coordinator also manages the...

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Standard 02 Work-Based Activity Plan

Scope and Services The scope and services of the work-based activity plan is to provide both the employer and the student a quality and positive work/study relationship. Through this experience, students learn work habits...

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