Category: Academic Policies

1005: Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement refers to the reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work without the permission or legal authority of the copyright owner. This includes downloading or uploading sections of copyrighted works as well...

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1019: Withdrawal

Any student who is withdrawing must notify the school’s administration to establish the reason for withdrawal. High school students must receive authorization from their home school counselor to withdraw or drop a class. All...

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1018: Transfer of Students & Earned Credits Policy

James Rumsey Technical Institute does not allow the transfer of students between programs. The Practical Nursing program is the only course of study that maintains a policy for the transfer of credits earned at another...

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1017: Transcripts

Transcripts are available upon request. The first transcript is without charge, and each transcript thereafter will be sent for a nominal fee. There is an additional fee for same-day service. Call the main office for current...

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1016: Teach-out Policy

The Career and Technical Division of the WVDE monitors all concentrations through the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan (Form 3) regarding the addition or deletion of CTE programs. Permission from the WVDE must be granted...

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1006.1: Grading Scale: High School

High School Programs JRTI high school programs follow the Berkeley County Grading Scale Letter Grade:ABCDFPercentage:90 -100%80 – 89%70 – 79%60 – 69%0 – 59%

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1011: Program Entry Requirements

To ensure successful completion of the course of study, students must meet course requirements and complete all enrollment procedures before being admitted to class. All adult students who enter James Rumsey Technical Institute...

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