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2010: Strategic Plan: Postsecondary Only

Planning Team: Russell Penner, James Rumsey Technical Institute Faculty and Staff  Mission:  To enhance the quality of life through continual education for students of all ages throughout our community by setting standards...

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2001: Access to Student Records Plan

Student records are confidential as per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. FERPA regulations state all student files must be maintained in a locked secured location within the building.  Student...

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2005: Institutional Placement Services Plan

Objective The objective of the institutional placement services plan (and the responsibility of the experiential learning coordinator) is to assist students in securing part-time or full-time employment in their specific field...

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2011: Student Personnel Services

James Rumsey Technical Institute has a plan for administering, evaluating and utilizing data collected from postsecondary students to analyze the effectiveness of Student Personnel Services.  Goals and Objectives: The data,...

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2004: Health and Safety Improvement Plan

The health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests is our number one concern. The process of learning can only take place in a safe – both physically and emotionally – environment.  Goals and Objectives  From the...

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2003: Campus Improvement Plan

Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan  Campus improvement falls under the control of the director of James Rumsey Technical Institute. Recommendations for campus improvement are derived from input supplied by the school...

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