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Consumer Disclosure Letter

Dear Student,

James Rumsey Technical Institute is committed to providing all potential students with information regarding their rights and responsibilities as mandated by the United States Department of Education.  While the following information may be found in more than one location, we are providing you with direct links to access this information.  We will provide a paper copy upon request.  If you have questions or require additional information, please contact the school directly. 

  • JRTI Net Price Calculatorwww.jamesrumsey.com  under financial aid and on program pages. (please note that JRTI does not provide room and board, therefore living costs are estimated and may      vary greatly according to a student’s individual circumstances)
  • Gainful Employment Information: www.jamesrumsey.com under Resources
  • Course schedule and textbook informationwww.jamesrumsey.com under Resources/Student Resources
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) information: www.jamesrumsey.com  under Resources/Student Resources
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention informationwww.jamesrumsey.com under Resources/Student Resources
  • Copyright Infringement Policy:   www.jamesrumsey.com under Resources/Student Resources and on page 18 of the student handbook.
  • Voter registration informationwww.jamesrumsey.com  under Resources/Student Resources
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policywww.jamesrumsey.com  under Resources/Student Resources and as part of the JRTI Financial Aid Policies and Procedures Manual. 
  • Fire Safety Report: www.jamesrumsey.com under Resources, Student Resources
  • Crime Reportwww.jamesrumsey.com under Resources/Student Resources
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