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The objective of the purchases of Instructional Supplies and Storage System is to ensure continuity and occupational education relevant to today’s state and industry standards.

The Administrative Council charges the director of James Rumsey Technical Institute to follows Policy 28.1 regarding the purchase of Instructional Supplies. The Director or appointed designee shall issue prior written approval for purchases in instructional supply situations.

The budget for the acquisition of supplies is titled “Supplies”, and is found in Fund 63.

Steps of the policy are as follows:

  1. Program Instructor assesses the level and the need of instructional supplies relevant to industrial need within the program.
  2. Program instructor prices instructional need.
  3. Instructor submits a requisition form to the director of JRTI for the instructional supply item.
  4. The director of JRTI signs the requisition for approval of the instructional item needed.
  5. The executive secretary or designated purchasing agent generates a purchase order number and purchase order document.
  6. The purchasing agent then has authorization to order the instructional supply item via phone, fax, or online.
  7. The program instructor receives the instructional item through the school’s purchasing agent. The receipt of the item is attached to the requisition and purchase order for accountability and auditing purposes.

The Director of the Career and technical education centers follows the Accounting Procedures Manual for Schools and the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual. They establish an effective finance system as a management tool for planning and accountability. It is a system that ensures the resources will be safeguarded and used for the benefit of the students in each of the school districts. Financial records must be systematically developed and maintained to provide reliable financial information, which forms the basis for program evaluation, compliance with legal provisions, and the developing of public confidence in the school systems.

In order to ensure that only necessary instructional supplies purchases are made, all purchases must have the prior approval of an employee who has supervisory authority over the individual initiating the purchase request. Purchases by employees who have the authority to approve purchase requisitions must have the approval of the county superintendent or designee, or director of a James Rumsey Technical Institute.

Once the instructional supplies have been delivered to the school, the teacher is then notified. It is the teacher’s responsibility to store the items in a safe location.