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Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan

The day-to-day operation, maintenance, and improvement of the physical plant are under the guidance and administration of the high school assistant principal. 

Goals and Objectives/Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan 

The assistant principal supervises a staff of one daytime maintenance custodian and four evening custodians. The daytime maintenance custodian addresses anything that arises in the physical plant. He makes any repairs that fall in the scope of his abilities. If an outside contractor needs to be called in, the assistant principal follows a process: he submits the requisition, purchase order, payment, and follows through until the repair is complete. The evening custodians clean and maintain a designated portion of the building. They also mow grass and plow snow as needed. 

When students are not in the building, the evening custodians work during the day. Every summer, the five custodians strip and wax all non-carpeted areas of the building and touch up areas as needed. 

Goals and Objectives

The assistant principal is the contact for all local, state, and federal inspections. The goal is to pass all assessments made by the following inspections: 

  • Health Department/Food Inspection 
  • Fire Marshal 
  • Fire Safety Equipment 
  • Child Care Inspection Report 
  • WV State Water Back Flow/Annual Test 
  • Fire Alarm Inspection (Simplex Grinnell) 
  • BRIM (Bureau of Risk Management) 

Activities to Achieve the Objectives

Inspection reports are filed by the assistant principal as well as any needed corrective action plans. 

The assistant principal then follows through with a corrective action involving the instructors, custodians, and outside contractor (if needed). In some instances students may be involved in maintenance for practice with real-world application of inspections and repairs. 

This has been an overview of the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the physical plant. The following is an individual breakdown of each. 

Personnel Responsible

The Daily operation is managed by the assistant principal and the director and includes: 

  • Safety 
  • Lighting 
  • Heating 
  • Fire Safety (alarms) and Fire Drills 
  • Cleaning/Health/Trash Removal 
  • Clean/Safe Restrooms including soap and paper towels 
  • Security/Doors/Windows 
  • Building Repairs 
  • Snow Removal/Mowing 
  • Floors/Wax 
  • Parking Lot Repairs 
  • Setting up of Meeting Rooms 

Goals and Objectives 

In general, the goal is to provide an atmosphere where all students can become engaged in the learning process in a safe, clean environment. 

Personnel Responsible 

The maintenance is performed by the custodial staff, outside contractors, and the teaching staff if it falls under the guidelines of their curriculum. James Rumsey Technical Institute is a simulated workplace and believes in real-world experiences when possible. The maintenance duties include but are not limited to: 

  • Child Care Equipment 
  • Compressors 
  • Cooling Equipment 
  • Doors 
  • Freezers/Refrigerators 
  • Furniture 
  • Heating Equipment 
  • Lighting 
  • Mowers 
  • Shop Equipment –oiling, adjusting, sharpening, replacing, and repairing 
  • Stoves/Dishwasher 
  • Vehicles 
  • Windows 

Supplies for operation, maintenance, and improvement are ordered by the assistant principal and stored in several areas that include general storage and the warehouse facility. Custodians give supply needs to the daytime custodian who places the supplies in the individual custodian’s closets. 

Timelines for Review, Evaluation, and Revision of the Plan 

Administration immediately reviews and addresses all inspections as they are received. Both administration and maintenance meet and plans are made to resolve all corrections. Timelines are given as the inspections are received. The goal is to make all corrections as soon as possible within a reasonable amount of time. 


As stated earlier, funds must be secured for major improvements. Improvements such as painting are performed by our custodial staff or by an outside contractor. Most painting is performed in the summer while no students are present. 

Individual classroom and shop improvements are often made by the class or they assist the custodial staff – representing a true workplace environment and giving students ownership in the process.