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The James Rumsey Technical Institute (JRTI) will not refuse to allow a person with a disability to participate in a service, program, or activity simply because the person has a disability. Postsecondary students with a disability are not required to inform the school of their disability. However, if students want JRTI to provide academic adjustments, they must request and make a “Declaration of Disability” to the school’s administration. Federal and state law mandate that state agencies and programs be accessible to otherwise qualified disabled persons through reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation, however, does not require substantial modifications in existing programs beyond those necessary to eliminate discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals.

JRTI will provide programs and services in an integrated setting unless separate or different measures are necessary to ensure equal opportunity.

JRTI will eliminate unnecessary eligibility standards or rules that deny individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to enjoy their services, programs, or activities unless “necessary” for the provisions of the service, program, or activity. JRTI also will make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, and procedures that deny equal access to individuals with disabilities unless a fundamental alteration in the program would result.

JRTI will furnish auxiliary aids and services when necessary to ensure effective communication unless an undue burden or fundamental alteration would result. Auxiliary aids and services include, but are not limited to, qualified interpreters, note takers, transcription services, written materials, telephone handset amplification or assistive listening systems, telephones compatible with hearing aids, closed caption decoders, telecommunication devices for deaf persons (TDDs), video text displays, etc., qualified readers, taped text, audio recordings, Braille materials, large print materials, etc. (JRTI will not charge an individual with a disability for the use of an auxiliary aid.)

JRTI will not place special charges on individuals with disabilities to cover the cost of measures necessary to ensure nondiscriminatory treatment such as making modifications required to provide program accessibility or providing qualified interpreters.

JRTI shall operate programs so that, when viewed in their entirety, they are readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

JRTI may provide special benefits, beyond those required by this policy, to individuals with disabilities; JRTI will not deny the benefits of its programs, activities, and services in regard to hiring an interpreter.