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Scope and Services

The scope and services for collection of completer employment data and the follow-up activities of employment data is the responsibility of the work-based learning coordinator. The coordinator also manages the cooperative education, internships, and clinical sites. The coordinator may assist instructors with teaching their students employment application skills. However, the expertise and career connection each instructor has with the business community is vital in both placement and cooperative education.

Initial student information is entered into the West Virginia State Board of Education website (WVEIS) by the secretary of postsecondary programs after the student has attended the first day of class. This process will also enter the student into the IGrades (grading) system which collects students’ grades and attendance. At the end of the school year, completer status is entered in WVEIS.

Methods of Collecting Data

Methods of collecting CPL data consist of the following:

  • Completion data, collected by the work-based learning coordinator, is confirmed by teachers and/or the secretary who houses all student data.
  • Placement data is collected through contact with employers and/or students by means of phone calls, emails, and (if necessary) Facebook.
  • Licensure passage data is confirmed by the secretary in the Practical Nursing Department by going to the following websites: (go to the individual state to find students who took the NCLEX.) (to verify student NCLEX certification).

Placement data collected from students and employers is focused on the individual program’s effectiveness.

Methods for collecting data to assess the level of satisfaction with the education that was received include surveys posted on James Rumsey’s website.