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The following procedure is followed when teachers want to purchase instructional supplies:

  1. Teachers complete a Purchase Requisition form.
  2. An administrator signs, codes, and then submits the form to the appropriate financial secretary.
  3. The secretary checks the requisition for accuracy and the balance of the funding source.
  4. If all the information is correct, the secretary creates a Purchase Order and processes the purchase.
  5. When the item arrives, the secretary checks items against the packing slip, and pays invoice when billed.
  6. The supplies are held in the front office and the teacher is notified.
  7. The teacher receives the items and stores them in his/her classroom or office.

The following pages contain the procedures listed in the Purchasing Manual provided by the West Virginia Department of Education:

Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual for Local Educational Agencies

  • Purchases of Textbooks, Instructional Materials and Learning Technologies. All textbooks are to be purchased in accordance with procedures prescribed in W. Va. Code §18-2A-1 et seq. No textbook, instructional materials, or learning technologies may be purchased for use in the public school in the State of West Virginia as the primary source of delivery of the instructional goals and objectives for state required courses unless the materials have been approved and listed on the state multiple list by the West Virginia Board of Education (hereinafter State Board), except for the provisions included in W. Va. Code §18- 2A-8. Magazines, newspapers and other periodicals may be purchased for classroom use to supplement those items on the state multiple list.
    • When the selection and approval of the items on the multiple list have been made, the State Board is required to: (1) furnish contracts for the selected items to the appropriate vendors within 30 days of the adoption of the multiple list; (2) prepare a list of the adopted items, publish the list; (3) and provide a copy of the list to each county superintendent and vendor who submitted a bid by January 15 of the year of the county adoption of the materials.
    • Any vendor awarded a contract to furnish items on the multiple list is required to furnish the items for the period of adoption, to any county board of education, any dealer appointed by the board, or any State Board approved depository at the lowest wholesale price contained in the bids or contracts made to any other county school system, dealer, or depository in any other state, like conditions prevailing.
    • According to W. Va. Code §18-2A-4, vendors are required to automatically reduce prices when prices are reduced anywhere in the United States, so that no item is sold at any time in the State at a higher wholesale price than received for the item elsewhere in the country.
    • All items sold in West Virginia must be identical to the official samples filed with the State Board as regards to quality standards, specifications, subject matter, and other particulars which may affect the value of the items. The State Board may, however, approve revised editions of the adopted materials during the period of the contract, which will authorize a vender to furnish the revised materials.

The West Virginia Department of Education’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual for Local Educational Agencies is shown on the following website.

Page from Purchasing and Procedures Manual for Local Educational Agencies

To view the complete handbook, go to: