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Scope and Services

The scope and services of this plan are to assure that the institution’s technical infrastructure provides for the privacy, safety, and security of all student data as well as to ensure the preservation and protection of data.

The objective is to provide for the privacy, safety, and security of student /employee data kept within this institution.

Budgetary Services

Each year, student grades are recorded and one copy is kept in a safe deposit box at a bank located in Hedgesville WV. The cost of this service is $20.00 per year.

Major Activities

  • Current-year student files (hard copies) are kept in a fireproof, locked filing cabinet located near the postsecondary secretary’s desk.
  • All transcripts are kept on computer hard drives (password protected) in the office, with backup digital copies in the fireproof, locked safe in the safe room.
  • An additional copy of all transcripts are saved on a flash drive and kept in a safe deposit box located at the Bank of Charles Town in Hedgesville, West Virginia.
  • All databases are maintained on password-protected computers.
  • All employee data is kept in a fireproof, locked file cabinet located in the safe room.

Major Publications

All plans, including the Privacy, Safety, and Security of Data Plan are posted on the school’s website.

Evaluations of the Plan

Plans are evaluated by the faculty and approved by the Administrative Council.

Constituents of the Plan

Administration and the postsecondary secretary are the constituents and are in charge of overseeing the plan. The plan is also available to the public through the school’s website.