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The following is an outline of the new teacher procedures: Each year, the following information is provided to the new teachers:

  1. Orientation to computer systems
    1. Computer login – Ron Odom
    2. Email – Ron Odom
    3. Online Grading System – David Morgan
    4. Special Education/General Information/Process for Special Education Services
      1. Mary Anne Sullivan (high school),
      2. Ann Mueller (adult students)
  2. GOTO Personnel
    1. Mentor – to be assigned
    2. Computer Problems – Ron Odom
    3. Supply Needs – Russell Penner (adult students)
    4. General Questions – mentor or the appropriate assistant principal
  3. Student Services
    1. Student Handbook – online
    2. Special Services – Ann Mueller
    3. Health and Medical – Each student is responsible for his/her own medical insurance
  4. Classroom Management – Policy 4373
  5. Curriculum – GOTO person for questions – Russell Penner/Mentor
  6. Tour of the Building – Administrator/Mentor
    1. Resources
    2. Offices
  7. Classroom – time for setting up the rooms
    1. Emergency Exits
    2. Additional Shelters – Truck Driving/Diesel Building
  8. Teacher Handbook
    1. Schedules
    2. School Calendar

Staff Orientation Procedure

E-mail.  Never give out your password if asked to do so! They are scams!!!

Lesson Plans – due every Monday by 8:00 a.m.  Electronic copies only!

Orange sheets.  Student Absences. Turn in to Dianna Blake.


  • Emergency Guides (Pink sheets) – please post
  • National Shop Safety Inspection Checklist – complete and submit to me electronically.
  • Maps – mark the escape route and post.


  • Make copies of the original. I can also e-mail your personal requisition form to you. Let me know.
  • Return requisitions to me for approval/signature
  • Beginning balance is shown on the lower left-hand side

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) –

  • Make copies,
  • Hand out a copy to students. Have them read, sign the last page, and submit it (last page only) to you.

Syllabus – Update and submit an electronic copy to me.

Website – Let me know if any changes are necessary.

Action Plans (Goals) – Give a copy to Donna Van Metre. She will go over the Action Plan in more detail.

Emergency School Lockdown – will take place sometime in September. Letters are to be given to students the end of August/beginning of September.

Teacher handbooks are on the jump drive.

Highlights of the Handbook

  1. Grading Periods
  2. Lesson Plan Template
  3. Emergency Information.  If there are any changes from last year, fill out and return to Karen Light.
  4. Cutoff Dates for School Funding
  5. Night Class Forms – for those of you interested in teaching a class in the evening. Return form to Dianna Blake.
  6. Postsecondary Calendars including PNs, Truck Driving, and high school (previously emailed)
  7. Pay Scales
  8. School Closing/Delays – Teachers
  9. Daily Time Schedule
  10. Medication Use Form
  11. Self-Declaration of Disability
  12. Request for Program Modification (Collect and return 3 copies to me)
  13. Adult Consent and Waiver (for your students to sign)
    1. School Closing/Delays – Students
    2. Student Authorization to Release Information to Parents/Guardians
    3. National Technical Honor Society Requirements – memo
    4. Student Withdrawal Forms
    5. Truck Driving Schedule
    6. Student Handbook Contract for Students
    7. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
    8. Parental Consent and Waiver Form
    9. Medical Leave of Absence Request Form
  14. Forms that may be found in the front office
    1. Activity Request Form
    2. Field Trip Request Form
    3. Request to Attend a Conference or Meeting
    4. Accident Report
    5. Application for a Medical Leave of Absence (Students)
    6. Repairs for Network Problems – Ron Odom
  15. Return updated roll sheets to Dianna Blake no later than lunchtime today!